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City Denim 2 Jeans

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City Denim 2 Jeans

BMW City Denim 2 Jeans

The urban jungle places special demands on motorcyclists. City 2 denim pants offer you the ideal equipment to face them while also maintaining your stylish appearance without a motorcycle – and without dispensing with any essential safety features.
  • Casual motorcycle pants with blue-jeans look
  • Abrasion-resistant material mix of cotton and Cordura
  • Gradually assumes the look of pre-faded jeans
  • Removable NP protectors, 2-level height adjustment on knees
  • Includes belt
  • Zipper (40 cm) suitable for combination with all BMW Motorrad jackets
  • Adjustable foot width
  • Unisex sizes: XS - 3XL

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