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Klim Krios Pro Helmet Review and Road Test + Video
Though Klim are most well-known for their high-quality touring and adventure motorcycle gear. So, today we’ll be looking at how they do with the Klim Krios Pro with our road test.
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Klim Sixxer Leather Jacket Review + Video
The Klim Sixxer Jacket brings Klim’s adventure jacket expertise to the urban and leather touring jacket market. So, we’ll be taking a look at what the jacket has to offer besides great style.
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Revit Philly 2 Motorcycle Jeans Review + Video
The Revit Philly 2 Jeans are a great pair of riding jeans, perfect for when you want to ride casually without looking like you’re going on tour. We take a closer look at them in our review.
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Best Glasses Friendly Motorcycle Helmets 2020 Guide + Video
Just because your vision isn’t up to scratch shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t comfortably ride a bike. So, we’ve collected some of the top glasses-friendly helmets to save you the search.
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Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Pants Review + Video
The Klim Carlsbad jacket and pants, right next to the Kodiak and the Badlands, are one of Klim’s most recognizable and popular jackets. So, make sure to stick around for our review where we take a look at why.
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