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Roof RO200 Carbon Review + Riding Test Video
In this blog article you will learn more about the Roof RO200. What makes this helmet so special? And what can we expect from it?
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Shoei X-Spirit 3 vs Arai RX-7V Road Test
Hi guys, Kees here with Champion Helmets, and today we’ll be putting two top racing helmets head to head on the road, the Shoei X-Spirit 3, and the Arai RX-7V.
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HJC RPHA 90 vs I90
Hello, everyone! Kees here at Champion Helmets and today we’ll be comparing two siblings, the RPHA 90 and the I90.
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X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Review
A good day or night to you all and today, we’ll be looking at and road testing the X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon.
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Shoei J-Cruise Review
The Shoei J-Cruise has been around for a while and remains one of, if not the best helmet in its category, so let’s take a closer look.
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