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Top 4 Entry Level Helmets
Figuring out which entry level helmets are best in terms of value and quality, as well as for your own needs, can be pretty challenging. That is why we have taken the 4 best entry level helmets for 2019, put them together and tested them against each other,
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What to Look for in a Helmet
When you look at a helmet, or even pick one up, it can be very difficult to actually see what you are getting. The purpose of this blog is to explain exactly what you should be looking for in a helmet to see if it is a quality product, to see if it has value and if you are getting what you want.
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Shoei GT Air 2 Review
We got the new Shoei GT Air 2 into our shop and we gave it a few tests. A lot of people have been waiting a while for this premium full face helmet, us included. So when we finally got it into the store, we took a look at it, under it and inside to see just what it is made of.
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Comparing the Shoei GT Air 2 and Shoei GT Air
The GT Air 2 is, obviously, a new version of the original GT Air 2 but what has actually changed? We've taken a look at exactly what is different with the GT Air 2, for better or for worse...
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Dainese Axial D1 & D1 Air Review
The Dainese Axial D1 and D1 Air racing boots represent the very best that Dainese are capable of and as such, we expect a lot from them. These boots come with a variety of premium materials and technology but what exactly does that mean? We took a look at the D1 and D1 Air and were able to learn a thing or two about these racing boots.
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