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AGV K-1 Black Helmet + 50% discount Extra Visor!

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AGV K3 & K1 + 50% Discount GT2 Visor

AGV AGV K-1 Black Helmet + 50% discount Extra Visor!
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EUR 171,15
AGV K-1 Black Helmet + 50% discount Extra Visor!

Product description AGV K-1 Black Helmet

AGV has entered the market with a very affordable sports helmet. The K-1 is the successor of the popular K-3. The AGV K-1 full face helmet has the advantages of AGV racing technology and a very good price-quality ratio. The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate. And comes in two different sizes to reduce the weight in the smaller sizes. The helmet has a sporty spoiler that contributes to stability at very high speeds. And of course the spoiler also contributes to the sporty appearance of the helmet. The micro opening system of the visor makes it possible to drive with the visor ajar. This prevents condensation on the visor and allows extra air to enter, which is welcome on hot days. The helmet is suitable for people wearing glasses. The counterparts of the K-1 are the HJC IS-17 and the Shark Skwal 2

Safety AGV K-1 Black Helmet

The high-quality plastic resin of the outer shell is a very strong material that lasts for a long time. The EPS inner shell with 4 densities comes in 4 different sizes. The inner shell ensures that impact can be absorbed very well. The double-D chin strap closure is an easy and the most secure closure available at the moment. The spoiler is designed to let go immediately in case of impact to ensure safety. The visor offers a lot of safety due to the optimal visibility.

Ventilation AGV K-1 Black Helmet

In the chin section and just above the visor are in total 5 lockable and adjustable air inlets. Most air supply is caught in a sporting position. The internal air channels ensure constant airflow supply. This results in optimal cooling of the head. The air outlet through which the hot air is discharged is integrated into the spoiler. The excellent ventilation is directly derived from the Pista GP R. The ventilation ports are glove-friendly.

Noise insulation AGV K-1 Black Helmet

The AGV K-1 is a new helmet and we have good experiences with AGV helmets as far as sound insulation is concerned. In these price ranges you cannot expect much, but we believe that given the price point you still get a good insulation.

Visor AGV K-1 Black Helmet

The K-1 is equipped with a clear, pinlock prepared, anti-scratch visor. The pinlock is not included as standard but can be ordered from us. The visor is available in 2 different sizes, so it fits better on the shell of the helmet. The visor offers 190 degrees horizontal visibility and an optimal vertical view. The micro opening system of the visor also makes it possible to let in more air while riding. XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) Allows you to easily and quickly change the visor without tools

Lining AGV K-1 Black Helmet

The lining feels very comfortable to the touch, among other things because there are no seams in the most sensitive areas. It is also adapted to eyeglass wearers. The lining is removable, washable and antibacterial. It easily absorbs moisture and dries faster. The lining makes it possible to easily pull the helmet over the head and at the same time it remains stable on the head.

Features AGV K-1 Black Helmet

Helmet type: Full face helmet
Shell material: Polycarbonate
Visor: The visor is anti-scratch and prepared for pinlock. It is available in 2 sizes.
Weight: The weight is about 1500 grams
Lining: The lining is completely removable, washable, anti-bacterial and suitable for people wearing glasses.
Ventilation: In the chin there is an air intake and on top of the helmet on both sides and in the middle there is also an air intake. An air outlet is integrated into the spoiler at the rear end of the helmet.
Certification: ECE-22.05 certified
Extra: The helmet has a very good price quality ratio.


5 stars based on 5 reviews
Tim 01-09-2019


Stavros Petkidis 17-08-2019

Hello everyone,
I received my AGV K-1 Black and the helmet is stunning. I already tested it in quick roads and the highway also. Very nice helmet, I am very satisfied.
5 months ago I bought the AGV K-1 Soleluna 2015 from Championhelmets and the service was very good. Guys just keep the perfect work.

Cenk 18-03-2019

should i get the gloss or matte black one?

Chris 07-02-2019

Hello, a question for the support team. Does this come included with a pinlock visor?

Gerard 14-11-2018

Great helmet from a great shop!

5 stars based on 5 reviews