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Buy AGV Pista GP RR Glossy Carbon Helmet? 50% discount Extra Visor!

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AGV Pista GP RR + Cardo Scala Packtalk Slim JBL ( - 33% )

AGV Buy AGV Pista GP RR Glossy Carbon Helmet?  50% discount Extra Visor!
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AGV Pista GP RR + 50% DISCOUNT extra visor

AGV Buy AGV Pista GP RR Glossy Carbon Helmet?  50% discount Extra Visor!
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EUR 775,45
Buy AGV Pista GP RR Glossy Carbon Helmet? 50% discount Extra Visor!

AGV Pista GP RR Glossy Carbon

The AGV Pista GP RR. This helmet serves as a replacement to the AGV Pista GP R, and as the name suggests, there aren’t too many changes. Instead we get a refinement of AGV’s top racing helmet and with the RR, you get the latest replicas from the Moto GP worn by riders such as Valentino Rossi. The big question is the recommended retail price though and the Pista RR starts at 1250 Euro or just under 1400 USD. So it is pretty much inline with the older Pista GP R and of course, this helmet represents the best of the best.


As always, we start off with the shell of the Pista GP RR and it has been made out of 100% carbon fiber. That gives us a very light weight of about 1450 grams in the size S. The shell is also available in 4 different sizes on the Pista GP RR. We don’t yet have a SHARP rating, though it will most likely be 5 stars like the previous version. There is the new FIM homologation though and this is a certification against impact, penetration and rotational force. Plus this is required for the Moto GP now.


Ventilation is pretty much untouched and we have the same, robust system as before. The chin scoops are opened and closed via a slider on the inside of the helmet by your chin. The top 3 vents are ringed by metal and can only be opened or closed by using stoppers. All in all, this pushes a lot air though the helmet and it gets pulled out of the 2 mini spoiler exhausts. The helmet has of course been designed in a wind tunnel, as you can probably see with the sleek profile and at the back, the spoiler is the detachable Pro spoiler.


Center, front we have the optical class 1 visor. It is a pinlock anti fog lens prepared visor, and the pinlock comes with the helmet. It is also prepared with tear off pins and those are also supplied with the helmet. The visor itself gives a very wide and deep field of view, the widest in the market. The visor is very easy to replace and can be viewed in our AGV Pista GP RR Video Review.


Underneath the helmet, there are a few things to mention. The hydration system is a big hose running along the outside and you can hook this up to your water bag and drink while racing. Then there is an Emergency Quick Release System with this helmet. The cheek pads are made out of Shalimar the head liner is microfiber. These are designed to keep you cool and have also been antibacterially treated. The helmet comes with the 360 degree adaptive fit and adjustable head liner so that you can customize the fit to what is best for you. This is one of the improvements compared to the original Pista GP R. Quality is of course top notch and everything is as it should be underneath.


For the rest, the AGV Pista GP RR come with titanium Double-D rings, which reduce on weight but will keep you solidly in your helmet. Seeing as this is a race helmet without much noise isolation, AGV have supplied a couple ear plugs as well, which are highly recommended.


The AGV Pista GP RR is specialized for racing that it is quite unique. However there are some very good high-end racing helmets. Probably the best known is the Shoei X-Spirit3 which is multi-time motoGP World Champion Marc Marquez’s helmet. Other good alternatives to the AGV Pista GP R are the Arai RX-7V, the HJC RPHA11, the Shark Race-R Pro GP and the X-lite X-803 Ultra Carbon. All these helmets are high-end racing helmets with a heavy focus on track riding. Made for riders that require the absolute best when it comes to racing equipment.


Concluding, the AGV Pista GP RR is a slightly tweaked version of the older AGV Pista GP R, but at this level, that’s fair enough. The Pista remains one of, if not the best racing helmets and comes with everything you could need in a light weight and aerodynamic package. If you want to see more about the Pista GP RR, like a Road Test, or then you can find that on our YouTube page. Have you seen this helmet cheaper elsewhere? Tell us, and we will offer it for the same plus you’ll get an extra present!

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Николай Бородавский 02-02-2020

Заказал на сайте Champion Helmets шлем AGV Pista GP RR удовлетворен заказом на 100%, цена самая низкая, в подарок визор серебряный, доставка бесплатно. Теперь буду только у них заказывать экипировку!
Когда я померил шлем AGV Pista GP RR моей голове было комфортно! Последнее время я пользовался шлемом Soei X-Spirit 2, AGV мне нравится больше!
Ordered on the website Champion Helmets helmet AGV Pista GP RR satisfied with the order 100%, the price is the lowest, as a gift visor silver, free shipping. Now I will only order equipment from them!
When I tried on the AGV Pista GP RR helmet my head was comfortable! Recently, I used the soei x-Spirit 2 helmet, I like the AGV more!

5 stars based on 1 reviews