AGV K6 Review

AGV K6 Review

This blog article tells you everything about the new AGV K6 Sports Touring helmet. It promises to be the best at what it does. We have taken a closer look at the shell material, visor, ventilation, liner and all aspects of the AGV K6 helmet. Read the article and find out more.

AGV K6 Review

This blog article is all about the new AGV K6 Full Face Helmet. It promises to be a versatile sports and touring helmet, so we have taken it apart and see what it’s got. The AGV K6 is a premium helmet that caters to pretty much any kind of rider out there. The sleek profile and strong ventilation are sporty enough for pretty much anyone on the road but the inner liner will keep you comfortable after a full day of touring, making it a top contender amongst sport touring motorcycle helmets. So where does it fit in? Well coming in at 430 Euro or about 480 Euro at the RRP, it sits just above the K5 S and a good 300 Euro below the Corsa R.



So straight into the shell now and what we have is a carbon aramid shell. This is strong, lightweight and also available in 4 different sizes, which is great to have a compact fit. In the smallest shell size, the helmet will come in at around 1350 grams and clearly, that shell material is doing something right. It feels super light if you put it on, making it a comfortable helmet to wear.



AGV K6 Helmet Ventilation_Ventilatie_Ventilacion

The ventilation scheme should be fairly familiar to anyone that has seen an AGV helmet in the last decade or so and, as anyone who has used an AGV helmet in the last decade would know, it works well. We have 2 chin vents and these are opened via a switch on the inside. Then up top we have 3 brow vents that can be opened or closed using individual sliders. We have an always open exhaust vent at the back as well. We can say that the ventilation on the K6 is extraordinary. To find out how it holds up in real life conditions, we took the on the road. Check out the video of the AGV K6 Road Test.



AGV K6 Helmet Visor_Visiere_Vizier_Visera_Visiere_www.championhelmets.com_

Then the visor is wide and high, giving plenty of view and it is also optical class 1, which means that it has a great and clear visibility. The visor is anti fog, pinlock lens prepared and you do get the Pinlock Lense in the box with the K6. Swapping the visor out is pretty easy as well… It works pretty much the same as the AGV Pista GP RR and the AGV Corsa R helmet. You push down the small handle and you can easily take out the visor.


Inner Liner

AGV K6 Inner Liner_Innenfutter_Doublure intérieure_Linea interior_Внутренний вкладыш_Binnenvoering_www.championhelmets.com_1.jpg

I think that the liner is where things get pretty interesting with the K6 though. It comes with an emergency quick release system, plus it is washable, removable and antibacterial as well. When I took everything out, we have a mix of Ritmo and Shalimar in specific areas. The neck roll is Ritmo and synthetic leather, while the cheek pads are a mix of Ritmo and Shalimar. The headliner is also the soft Shalimar material. When the entire lined was removed you could see the ventilation channels in the EPS inner shell.. and you can also see that the finishing quality on everything is well done. No glue, loose Velcro or anything like that in the AGV K6. The helmet has a great finish, even the part that you normally don’t see.


Other Features

For a few other features on the K6, we have a Double-D enclosure system to keep the helmet on your head. The visor is anti scratch treated. The liner is prepared for both riders with glasses and the AGV Sena Ark communication system. It will need an adaptor that will come at 12 euros. We have a video online that shows how to install the ARK Sena system in the AGV K6 helmet.


AGV K6 Promotions

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So the AGV K6 definitely lives up to its sports and touring purpose. The sporty and lightweight shell, comfortable liner, top ventilation. This all combines to make a helmet full of features and a good amount of value. If you’ve enjoyed this review, then make sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube because there you’ll find a bunch more reviews, guides and more. Thanks for watching.


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