AGV Sportmodular Review

AGV Sportmodular Review

AGV have been pretty excited with their premium modular helmet, the Sportmodular, but a lot of people aren't fully convinced. We took an in-depth look into this sporty modular helmet to see if it is worth the hype.

AGV Sportmodular Review

The AGV Sport Modular is a top of the line modular helmet from the Italian powerhouse that is AGV. As this was their first attempt at a modular helmet, there were a few concerns about its quality, just because it is somewhat complex to make a high-end modular helmet. But it seems that AGV have spent a lot of time refining the Sportmodular and in the end we have a top quality modular helmet. So this is a great helmet but let me temper your expectations a little, it has a 750 USD recommended retail price. So it is expensive. But that is my main complaint for this helmet.




AGV Sportmodular tricolor

A major feature which people love about this helmet is the fact that the shell is completely made out of carbon fiber. Yes, the entire shell, including the chin bar which is pretty abnormal for a modular helmet. But what does that matter you may ask? It means that the helmet is super light. It weighs 1300 grams which is the lightest you will get from a modular helmet unless you wear an actual plastic bucket. The modular aspect of modular helmets typically makes them heavy, the Shoei Neotec II for example, a close competitor to the Sportmodular, weighs 1750 grams, which is a noticeable difference. To help keep the weight down, they made the D ring closure out of titanium which is lighter than steel. I don’t know how much difference this made but it sounds cool. Oh Plus the shell is super hard so you would have to try pretty hard to break it.




AGV Sportmodular Stripes


AGV wanted to make a sporty modular helmet, which is typically a bit of a contradiction. Although in this case they have kind of done it. They focused a lot on the aerodynamics of this helmet, which you can clearly see because it obviously isn´t a square block of a helmet or something like that. Then at the back here we have a spoiler which can be repositioned depending on how we ride. What that means is that in any riding position, the Sportmodular will stay aerodynamic. Now it isn´t a perfect sports helmet but when you are riding at speed, in a tuck on your bike, the Sportmodular should stay reasonably comfortable and will do quite well for a modular helmet. It is definitely a sporty/touring helmet though. If you want to go to the track, you should get a full face helmet as it will suit your needs much better.




AGV Sportmodular Sharp Helmet


Despite having only a couple vents, they work pretty well. The ventilation is actually great and that sporty influence really shows here. We have channels on the inside to let the air flow through and it escapes out the back. My only complaint is that the vents can be difficult to open and close with your gloves on. I think that this was a compromise though, so that it could stay light and aerodynamic. The front 2 vents are ok once you get used to it but the rear vent/spoiler is best adjusted before taking off.



Noise Isolation

AGV reckons that they have a super quiet helmet here but that is hard to prove. I only say this because it comes down to the rider, the bike and the conditions in which you are riding. Plenty of people claim that the helmet is either super quiet or a little bit loud and it definitely can be if you have a bad fit. Although, if you get a good fit, the Sportmodular will be very quiet. AGV was right with their claims because it is pretty close to the Neotec II or Schuberth C4 Pro . So close that I can’t say for certain which is quieter. So this comes from their inner lining and the design of the shell which minimizes wind noise. What helps is the face shield seal, the neck roll and the chin guard.




AGV Sportmodular Carbon Dark-Grey Helme


The Sportmodular has a visor. That isn’t really impressive though is it. The visor is good, nothing too special here though. It is pinlock prepared, gives a good field of view and can be set into a cracked position. It has the same visor mechanism you see on the Pista GP R which gets the job done but is not as sophisticated as the one you will find on the Shoei Neotec 2. The positions in the middle aren’t super strong though so don’t expect them to hold that position past 90 or 100 km/h. We have an anti fogging pinlock in the box and a drop down sun visor which is controlled with this slider. The sunvisor is good but the slider is a little clunky. This will fade over time though as it gets broken in and then it should be a smooth motion. The same typically goes with the chin bar too. It will start clunky to open and close but the more you use it, the better it will get.





Now on the inside, the liner is a great feature. The liner is reversable so it has a cool and a warm side. The warm side is made out of a fabric called Shalimar which is smooth but will keep heat and the cool side is made of Ritmo, which is moisture wicking and lets your head breath a little more. Both sides are anti-bacterial and can be washed. Plus, they have a tag on the liner which you won’t feel, but tells you which side is which. This is a great feature from AGV because I would have completely used the cold side in winter by accident. It also comes with a double D ring for the chin strap, enclosure system.





So the AGV Sportmodular is a lightweight, sporty touring modular helmet. The ventilation is great, the liner is great, it is quiet and also comfortable. Some of the mechanisms need a small breaking in period to be smooth and the vents can be a little hard to use with your gloves on. So clearly, the pros outweigh the cons with one exception, the price. As the lightest but also the most expensive modular helmet we have, the sportmodular has some records. I would recommend the sportmodular to anyone who is bothered by heavy helmets for sure, but also to anyone that wants a top of the line helmet and has the budget to spend. It doesn’t matter what kind of road bike you have, the sportmodular will work fine for you. Overall it is a great helmet and well worth its place as one of the three best modular helmets. Thanks for reading guys.



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