Dainese Axial D1 & D1 Air Review

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Dainese Axial D1 & D1 Air Review

The Dainese Axial D1 and D1 Air racing boots represent the very best that Dainese are capable of and as such, we expect a lot from them. These boots come with a variety of premium materials and technology but what exactly does that mean? We took a look at the D1 and D1 Air and were able to learn a thing or two about these racing boots.


The Dainese Axial D1 & D1 Air are the top quality boots from Dainese and have been specifically designed to withstand the dangers of high speed crashes. These are the same boots that Moto GP riders like the Valentino Rossi wear in their races as well. I don’t know about you but if they are good enough for him, then they are good enough for me. These boots are a replacement to the older Dainese Axial Pro In boots and have released with a ton of brand new and exclusive features. That is of course not true because they are essentially the same boot but with a few small differences. Nonetheless, these represent the top level of racing boots out there so let's take a look at them.


The Heel 

If we start at the heel, the thing that stands out is the heel plate which is made of steel. Around that there is also a hard plastic material and this is to give you abrasion resistance and a little armour protection. Going further down to the sole, it is made out of rubber and should hold up very well over time, as it did on the Axial Pro In boots. They will also grip very well while riding and when walking. The inside ankle is made out of a softer suede material to protect your foot from heat and to protect your bike from your foot. Split cowhide covers most of the boot itself for protection and a gear shifter guard will protect your boot from your shifter. There is something quite special though by the toes. There is a toe slider and it has been made out of magnesium, which is lighter than steel and stronger I believe. They can also be easily replaced by taking out a couple of screws.   


The Carbon Fiber

Beneath a plastic window on the outside ankle is the carbon fiber. This carbon fiber works to reinforce the ankle, as a main area of impact and twisting in a crash. This is part of the D Axial system and it serves to protect the foot by making a tough and rigid ankle support. Just above the window is a metal slider for abrasion resistance too. The material by the shin is softer and will stretch while you walk or when you flex your foot, which is a must have for comfort in such a rigid boot.


The D-Stone

The material above the boot itself which protects the leg is tough but stretchy and called D-Stone. It is made to be super abrasion resistant, while also being flexible. We also have Velcro and that can be connected to the inside of your racing pants to make a closed suit. If we unzip the boot, on the inside we will find the rest of the D Axial system. The D Axial system is made out of carbon fiber and It connects to the rest of the boot via more carbon fiber. It will pivot in a back and forwards motion, the same as the bones in your ankle but in a side to side direction, it will not give. This is the protection you need as it can literally save your foot in a crash.


The Inside

On the inside, the material is similar to what you would find in a helmet and that is because it is this cool, moisture wicking material. Essentially it lets your feet breath which is essential for comfort. There are also nylon reinforcements further in. To close the boot onto your foot, there is a speed lacing system, which proves that yes, everything is indeed a race.


The Materials

The materials that the boot are made out of are top of the line in terms of quality with stuff like magnesium, steel, cowhide leather, Lorica, Aramid and carbon fiber. These are some tough and premium materials and really demonstrate just how much of a quality piece this boot is.


The Differences

Alright so now let me explain the differences between the Axial D1 and the Axial Pro In. Essentially they are the same boot. I would not recommend upgrading to this boot unless you already planned on getting a new pair of racing boots. There just isn’t enough new there. What is new is the toe slider, that is now magnesium instead of metal, the gear shifter guard is a grippier design and the Velcro got reworked. It no longer looks like you sowed it on yourself but it blends in nicely and it is a smaller type of Velcro. The biggest difference though is that you can get now purchase the Dainese Axial D1 Air. It is perforated a bit on the top of the foot and this will let it ventilate a little better. If you wanted a more airy boot, this could be it but we are a bit skeptical about just how good it works.


The Conclusion

There you have it, the Axial D1 and the D1 Air are the top quality racing boots that Dainese has out at the moment and they may just be the best around. They have been designed for safety and will keep you relatively comfortable while riding and for the 10m or so walk to and from your bike. You can find the Dainese Axial D1 and D1 Air on our website. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the Dainese Axial D1 video and all the latest motorcycle gear!



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