HJC RPHA 90 vs AGV Sportmodular Road Test

HJC RPHA 90 vs AGV Sportmodular Road Test

Hi guys. Kees here with Champion Helmets, and today we’ll be putting the AGV Sportmodular, and the HJC RPHA 90 head to head on the road.

HJC RPHA 90 vs AGV Sportmodular Road Test

The Sportmodular and RPHA 90 are both top of the line modular helmets from AGV and HJC respectively, and are both well regarded touring helmets. With the Sportmodular costing 750 euros, or around 800 US dollars, at its recommended retail price, compared to the RPHA 90s recommended retail price of 480 euros, or around 500 US Dollars, we thought it would be interesting to see how these helmets compare.

If you want to see our dedicated reviews for either of these helmets, you can find them on our Youtube channel in our dedicated review playlist.


AGV Sportmodular

Starting with the Sportmodular, I’ll quickly take you through the helmets features. The helmet comes in 3 shell sizes and that shell is made from 100% carbon fiber, and this is including the chinbar, which is very impressive for a modular helmet. This keeps the helmet light, weighing only around 1300 grams, which is about as light as you will find. The helmet is sporty and aerodynamic with an adjustable spoiler, and for ventilation we find a single chin vent, one vent on top, and one exhaust point in the back. The liner features reversable hot and cool sides to better suit the riding conditions and it is removeable, washable, and antibacterial. The visor offers a wide range view, is pinlock prepared and comes with the pinlock included in the box. The helmet also features a drop down sun visor which is controlled using a slider.

On the bike now, you can see the monitors we’ll be using to collect our data. On the left there is a white monitor tracking the internal temperature of the helmet, with that sensor located inside the helmet at the top of our rider’s head. In the middle on the top we have a decibel meter, with the sensor located between our rider’s head and the lining. On the right you can see the windspeed, and in the middle on the dashboard you can see the speed of travel in km/hr, as well as the outside temperature.

Our rider enjoyed his time with the AGV Sportmodular. During the test it was a little warm outside and our rider was happy to have the cooling side of the liner available. They also enjoyed the helmets light weight and its sporty design and he felt that the ventilation worked well.


Riding Footage

Data for the AGV Sportmodular was collected while travelling at an average speed of 130 km/hr down long stretches of highway. The windspeed was around 125 km/hr and the outside temperature was 31 degrees Celsius. The internal temperature of the Sportmodular during the test was around 30 degrees Celsius, 1 degree cooler than the outside temperature, showing that the vents on the helmet do a pretty good job. As for noise isolation, the decibel meter measured an average of 100 decibels of noise inside the helmet. This is a pretty good result and is pretty quiet for a modular helmet.



Moving on to the HJC RPHA 90 I’ll once again take you through the helmet. The RPHA 90 comes in 2 shell sizes, and the shell is made using HJC’s premium integrated matrix of carbon and fiberglass, and while it isn’t quite as light as the Sportmodular, it comes in at a weight of only 1500 grams, which is still extremely light. For ventilation we have one large vent on the chin, a large vent on top, and a large exhaust vent in the back. All of these vents can be easily opened and closed. The visor of the RPHA 90 offers a good range of view and it does come pinlock prepared, and that pinlock is included for us in the box. There is also an internal sun visor which is controlled using a slider. Inside the helmet we find a multi cool liner which is removeable, washable, and antibacterial.


Riding Footage

Data for the RPHA 90 was similarly taken while travelling at an average speed of 130 km hr down long stretches of the highway. The outside temperature for this test was a little cooler for this this test at 25 degrees Celsius, and the windspeed averaged around 135 km/hr. The internal temperature of the RPHA 90 was equal to the outside temperature at 25 degrees, showing vey strong ventilation. As for noise isolation, we measured around 102 decibels of noise inside the helmet, which is a pretty good result.



Taking a look at the data we have collected in our tests we are able to compare the two helmets side by side. For ventilation, the two helmets perform at a very similar level, with the RPHA 70 equalling the outside temperature and the Sportmodular being just one degree cooler than the temperature outside. There is a difference in how they perform for noise isolation, with the Sportmodular being quieter, measuring 100 decibels of noise compared to the RPHA 70s 102. Two decibel may seem as almost nothing, but on this level it is a very noticeable difference.



Lastly, we will look at how we rate each of these helmets. Most notably, each helmet receives 4 stars for both noise isolation and ventilation. However, the Sportmodular edges out the RPHA 90 in terms of both material, weight and noise isoplation, while the RPHA 90 is determined to have the superior visor, as well as the better price to quality ratio, with star earned across the 6 categories costing 20 euros compared to 29 euros for the sportmodular. Both helmets receive a total star rating of 4 out of 5, meaning they are both excellent choices.

Remember if you are interested in purchasing either of these helmets, you can find them both on our website at ChampionHelmets.com, where you can view each helmet’s individual product page, and see what product bundles we have available. And remember if you found it cheaper elsewhere, all you have to do is send us a message and we’ll probably match the price it or even improve it.

In the end the helmet you choose is likely going to come down to personal preference and price. Do you want the lightest helmet with the best material and the most quiet? Then the Sportmodular is the helmet for you. Are you not willing to spend all that money but still want a taste of the high-end features? Then hello RPHA 90. Let us know what helmet you like more down in the comments, and if you have any questions, come chat with us in our websites live chat. Once again my name is Kees with Champion Helmets, and I hope to see you again soon.  





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