How to install/operate the Sena SRL 2 in the Shoei Neotec 2

How to install/operate the Sena SRL 2 in the Shoei Neotec 2

Though the Sena SRL 2 Bluetooth Communication System is easier to install than most motorcycle comms systems, with new changes to the Shoei Neotec 2 we wanted to give a quick refresher for how to integrate the two.

How to install the Sena SRL 2 in the Shoei Neotec 2

We’ve got the Sena SRL 2 communication system here and we’ll just run through the basics of installing and operating it.




So, we’ve seen a pretty big change already here since before March 7th of this year, this blog post would have been nonsensical. Why? It’s because prior to this date, all Shoei Neotec IIs only fit Sena SRL 1 systems and only Shoei GT Air II helmets fit the Sena SRL2, while now all Shoei Neotec 2 helmets produced on or after March 8th of 2019 can fit the SRL 2 Bluetooth comms system.


While the Sena and Shoei helmet deal has made many unhappy at being forced to choose a system that doesn’t always deliver on expectations the advantage in this case is the seamless integration, which we’ll take a look at in a moment. Whether you own a Shoei GT Air 2, or a Shoei Neotec II, or even a Shoei J-Cruise 2, the Sena SRL II system will be coming in at about 300 Euros or around 330 US Dollars.


Sena SRL 2 Features

Just a quick few specs for the Sena SRL Two bluetooth communication system before we put it in the helmet. For the control and the console, you’re getting a 3-button layout like with the Sena 20S system and the older SRL 1. While this simplicity can be good, sometimes it can be a little bit of a burden since you really are only getting three buttons so that’s something to keep in mind. But this is supplemented by voice commands.


If you’re listening to music and on the intercom with someone else the Sena SRLII should be able to adapt to that and will lower the music volume using its audio multitasking system, which’ll be a nice feature to add on your group intercom.


You should get about 10 hours of talk time with this system, but it’s sometimes a good idea to be a bit more sceptical of these sorts of higher figures. The Sena SRL 2 system uses Bluetooth 4.1 and has a smartphone app for iPhone and Android, if you want to control it that way and communicate with it.


The earpieces already a bit of padding on them for a bit more comfort. If you pair the SRL 2 with your phone, then you can use them to stream music, listen to GPS directions, listen to the built in FM radio on the system, take phone calls, communicate with up to 7 fellow riders. So pretty standard from this system, though the 7 riders is a pretty good number compared to some of the other competitors out there like the N-Com B901R.


Speaking of talking with others, the SRL2 has a range of about 1 mile in open terrain, or about 1.6 km, which is very good. You can also give it voice commands using voice prompts so you don't need to use your hands, but we’ll go over these in a little bit. Lastly, the SRL II uses advanced noise control to help deal with any wind noise you may be dealing with. Now, let’s get to installing.


Sena SRL 2 installation

To install the SRL 2, first you’re going to want something soft on which you can rest your helmet, so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. Then you need to take out the liner. You just flip up the helmet and start taking out the cheek pads. You’ve got two snaps near the top and you pretty much just pull it out of the side. And you just flip the liner forward to just make it a bit easier for yourself in terms of access.


Don’t forget as well to take out the ear pads, there’re two foam ear pads on either side. Do keep track of them, you don’t want to lose them if you take the system out later on. Next, you’re going to need the tool that comes in the Shoei Neotec Two box to take out the three panels around the circumference of the helmet.


The way you want to do that is you put the flat head end of the tool down into the space, push it down, and push it forward until these panels come up. Same on the other side.


You may have to use a little bit of strength, but you shouldn’t force it either, you should just be firm. The one on the bottom is the same process and the foam comes out as well. Next, you’ll want to get the system, the box comes with two microphones. One is very small and comes with a sticker, this is one you won’t need for the Shoei Neotech 2 since this one is for the Shoei GT Air II.


You’ll want the larger microphone with the boom. You plug it into the left speaker with the right side having a notch to make it easier.


Next, you want to just put the entire system in the helmet, it’ll make it a bit easier, and you put the battery pack in. Just make sure it fits underneath the seal at the bottom of the helmet until it goes in and it’ll snap. Next, you’re going to want to put the extra plastic insert between the battery and the speaker is inside of a small space between the EPS and the outer shell. This is a natural space so you shouldn’t have to use any firmness at this point.


At this stage, you can already snap in the control panel. The way you’re going to want to do that is you’re going to line up the grooves in the side of the helmet here and push the console in at an angle. Next, make sure this stays in, hide any extra bits of wire in between the helmet’s EPS and outer shell and now you can just fit the earpiece speaker into the groove.


You can slot the extra wire in between the two panels of EPS, and it should fit in the groove with no problem until it snaps. If you look towards the back of the helmet, you’ll find a small snap point where the cheek pad will be reinserted. At this space, you’ll want to make sure you leave a small loop of wire facing in towards the helmet. Though it’ll be on the liner, it’ll be covered by the rest of the cheek pad once you reinsert it.


Now for the other side, it’s pretty much the same process. You can snap in the panel first. Again, you’re going to want to do the same and line it up in the grooves, so it goes in. Then, you put the other speaker in, but this time you need to pay attention for where the microphone will go so there’s only one way for it to fit inside and it’ll snap in.


To fix the microphone, what you need to do is just follow the track and put it in there, into the special groove and then turn it 90 degrees so it sticks within the groove. Again, here you’ll want to make sure to leave yourself a wire loop and to put the plastic insert again so you can hide as much wire as possible.


To put the liner back in, make sure you have those two small wire loops near the back by the battery of the helmet as this’ll make putting the cheek pads in easier. So, with the loops in place, place the rear part of the cheek pad in first until it snaps and then slowly guide it towards the front where it will snap as well. Then simply snap the rest of the cheek pad in and that’s all.


With the system in now , the helmet is only 87 grams heavier at 1774 grams, versus this helmet’s usual weight of about 1680 grams, which isn’t too bad of a difference.


Sena SRL 2 Installation

First things first for this, the best advice for how to operate the system is to read the instructions. Few people do but, in the end, most answers to questions will be in there including more in-depth information on how to operate the system.


Now, to turn on the system you press and hold the middle and the plus button and the little light will turn on. It’ll flash a little bit and when it’s on, it’ll say “Hello”. Now, if you wanted to turn on the radio, you press and hold minus briefly and a bit of static but you can track forward or backward by clicking either the plus or the minus button.


You can keep tracking forward until you find a station that you like. To turn it off again you just click and hold the minus button for a few seconds


If you wanted to connect the Sena SRL 2 to your phone you just need to hold the middle button here for about 10-12 seconds and that will take us to Sena’s configuration menu. You can see it coming up when the light turns red and it says “Bluetooth pairing”. You then have to get out your phone and you just tap on it, it should be available in the “Devices” section for pairing. You tap it and once it does, you’re all ready to go after pressing the plus button on the SRL 2.


For when you turn it on and want to listen to your music, you just need to tap the plus button similar to how you turn on your radio.


To take phone calls it’s also very straightforward. To answer the call, you tap the middle button and to decline you just double tap. But if you want to get a bit more control and insight into your SRL 2, Sena also have an app that you can download, which will just help improve the functionality and interfacing of the SRL 2.


If you’re driving and want to further communicate with the device, all you need to do is say “Hello Sena” and say your command. For example, “play music” similar to any voice command device basically. You can find a full list of those commands in the instructions like make call, or play music on, and so on.


To power off the device, it’s the same as turning it on, you hold the plus and the middle again until it says “goodbye”.


If you’re interested in the Sena SRL 2 you can find it on our website at where we have a lowest price guarantee. And if you’re in the market for a new helmet like the Shoei GT Air 2, the Shoei Neotec 2, or the Shoei J-Cruise 2 then you can find the SRL 2 in the product bundles for a discount.



So overall the SRL 2 is giving you plenty of basic features and Sena have tried to do so in an uncomplicated way. When you’re driving you can use the voice commands or the buttons and when you’re off the bike you can use your phone for any configuration tasks that you might have.


Hopefully you’ve found this helpful and if you need a bit more help, you can also check out our How to install the Sena SRL 2 in the Shoei Neotec 2 Video Guide on our YouTube channel.



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