Schuberth C4 Pro Review

Schuberth C4 Pro Review

This is our review of the Schuberth C4 Pro. This helmet is the best modular helmet ever made by Schuberth and Schuberth is one of, if not the best modular helmet brand in the world. After the disappointment of the original C4, Schuberth had a lot of of work to do in order to win their supporters back from Shoei. But have they done it? At Champion Helmets we examined this helmet to find out.

Schuberth C4 Pro Review

There were plenty of people eagerly awaiting the Schuberth C4 Pro and it has finally arrived! Finally Schuberth has delivered on the motorcycle helmet that they should have made when the original Schuberth C4 helmet released. Schuberth has a history of producing high quality modular helmets and the last C4 was the only smear on their otherwise perfect record. With the C4 Pro, Schuberth took a lot of the issues which people had with the C4 original and fixed them. We have already made a video looking at the differences between the original C4 and the C4 Pro, so for this review, we will look solely at the Schuberth C4 Pro and see how it stacks up as a premium modular helmet.


Shell of the Schuberth C4 Pro

Looking at the shell of the helmet, it is almost identical to the original C4 and this is keeping in tradition with that unique look of Schuberth helmets. It is definitely oval in shape and it has a narrow look to it. Despite the oval look, the C4 Pro will be a more round fit which is traditional of most Schuberth helmets. Most other Schuberth helmets, such as the C3 Pro used this round shape. The shell is also available in 3 different sizes and the shell sizes will add or reduce some weight depending on which size you are. The helmet is available in sizes XS to 3XL as well.


The shell itself is composed of fiberglass which is made by Schuberth using their Direct Fiber Processing technology. This means that the fiberglass is placed specifically where Schuberth wants it to go and it reduces weight caused by excess material while, staying safe.  


Ventilation of the Schuberth C4 Pro

The ventilation of the C4 Pro is a strength despite the fact that we only have 2 vents really on this helmet. On the chin is this little push to open and close vent. That will blow air onto the visor and work to de fog it. Then on top there is this scoop which can be opened or closed via the slider. There are no obvious rear exhausts but there are 2 channels in the EPS lining to direct air out the back of the helmet. For the most ventilated experience however, you can just flip your chin bar up like this. The visor can also be opened into one of several positions.


For noise isolation, Schuberth has taken a shot at Shoei and AGV to try and set the C4 Pro as the quietest modular helmet out there. They have done a great job and made some big improvements in the area of noise reduction. Now the C4 Pro is a genuinely quiet helmet with a low noise level. This has been wind tunnel tested and it shows. The modules at the bottom for the communication set have also been redesigned to ensure that they don´t rattle around. Overall the helmet is simply quiet.


Visor of the Schuberth C4 Pro

The visor has not changed much and will give you what you expect from a Schuberth helmet. The visor is wide, easy to use, anti scratch and has a strong seal against the wind. Removing the visor is also easy with 2 tabs like this one here. The integrated sun visor is controlled by this slider and it is good but I might have liked a visor which drops just a little more. The visor is also pinlock anti fog insert prepared and there shouldn´t be any issues there. Now that is one of the improvements compared to the old C4 which had the home branded pinlock. The new C4 Pro comes with a original Pinlock lense, tackling the biggest issue with the old C4.


The Inner Liner

The velvet-like inner lining is a CoolMax material which is just super comfortable. It is real soft and surprisingly cool, just as the name suggests. Looks pretty cool if you ask me. This has been a nice improvement and the lining is removable and washable, as is pretty much standard with premium helmets these days. This liner helps to give you a cool head and is comfortable to wear.


Removing the liner for this helmet is essentially going to be the same as it was for the original C4. It is a little bit more complex than other helmets but that is a difficult tight rope to walk. An easy to remove liner may compromise on quality and longevity though something like this is more difficult to remove but that may allow it to last longer and protect other elements inside the helmet better. I would suggest keeping the manual from Schuberth handy through the process, as they have made a pretty decent guide.


The EPS Liner 

Staying inside the helmet, the EPS liner is covered by black fabric for the most part. You can see that there is some foam showing though. Another key feature of the C4 Pro is that the helmet is prepared for the Sena SC1 and the Sena SC2 communication system. What that means is that the system is essentially just plug and play. On the bottom of the helmet there are 2 ports and these are where you slot in the battery and the control unit. On the inside you can see the speakers, with one on each side and the microphone which can be adjusted slightly in position. The microphone has been replaced in position to sit by the mouth and that will help to make communicating clearer. The Sena SC2 is the latest communication system and should help to improve upon some of the flaws of the older Sena SC1. Keep a lookout for our review of the Sena SC2 if you’re interested.


The Schuberth C4 Pro. The old guard of modular helmets has returned with a quality helmet which can compete comfortably with the very best around. this flip up helmet is a form of the Schuberth brand which we are used to seeing and the brand was under high pressure to deliver with the C4 Pro. If you want to see how the C4 Pro stacks up against the Shoei Neotec 2 and the AGV Sportmodular, you can check out our best modular helmets of 2019. Remember that on our Champion Helmets YouTube page, you can find our video reviews of this product and plenty more. Thanks for reading!




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