Schuberth M1 Pro Review

Schuberth M1 Pro Review

If you want to combine the experience of riding with an open faced helmet, with the versatility of a full face helmet, Schuberth have you covered with their Schuberth M1 Pro.

M1 Pro Review


The Schuberth M1 Pro is the latest open-face helmet to arrive from Schuberth. This is an improved version of the original Schuberth M1 and obviously, comes with a few updates. This is a premium open faced helmet and is appropriately priced at 500 USD or 439 EUR. For that premium price we do get a lot of premium features and functions on the M1 Pro though.





Now let’s start with the shell of the M1 Pro. First of all, it is only available in 1 shell size. The helmet has been tested in a windtunnel for aerodynamics and comes with Schubert’s Direct Fiber Processed Shell. This is a fiberglass shell designed to minimize excess material and reduce the overall weight but keep the strength. Speaking of weight, the M1 Pro isn’t very lightweight. A size L or 59 comes in at a weight of 1400 grams which puts it on the more heavy side of the scale.





Looking at the ventilation it is pretty simple. There is no chin vent, because there is no chin bar but we do have a large scoop on top of the helmet. The channels on the inside of the helmet allow the air to flow into the liner and also out the back of the helmet by your neck. There is no exhaust on the shell but it all works with the liner and EPS.





Coming down to the visor and what we have is a visor large enough to cover your whole face. We can see evidence of the aerodynamic testing with these points on top of the visor and the shaping at the bottom. The visor is pinlock anti fog lens prepared but that has not been included in the box. We have a drop down sunvisor controlled with a slider and the internal sunvisor doesn’t drop down too low, though it does cover your eyes. Removing the visor is pretty easy and you get a cover from Schuberth that will protect your visor mechanism and the gasket when the visor is off.





The liner for the M1 Pro is removable, washable and antibacterial. It has a good, strong feel to it and it does take a little fiddling to get out, just like all the other Schuberth helmets. On the inside, you can see the channels and the holes in the back help to direct the warm air into the liner and that exits out this hole at the bottom of the helmet. We have speakers and a mic included with the helmet.


Communication System and Sound

Communication system


So the helmet is prepared for the Sena SC1M and the SRC M1 and you can just plug the system into the removable tray at the back of the helmet. It has the plug and play system which makes installation almost nothing.

The M1 Pro also comes with a micro ratchet enclosure system. We haven’t tested this helmet in our beep test because the test isn’t designed for jet helmets but Schuberth claims that the helmet will get you 85 decibels at 100km/hour on a naked bike. This is pretty alright for an open faced helmet though.


Comparing the Schuberth M1 and M1 Pro



Now, seeing as the M1 Pro is an improved version of the Schuberth M1, let’s take look at where they differ. Probably the most immediate difference is the top ventilation. The M1 has a multi vent system and is larger, while the Schuberth M1 Pro is a bit more simple and refined. At the back it is the same story, as the M1 has large vents in the logo but the M1 Pro simply doesn’t have anything there. So despite these changes, the M1 Pro does still feel similar in terms of ventilation. The inner liner has been changed out as well so that it feels smoother on your head and it just gives it a little boost in comfort.



Alright guys, this has been our review of the Schuberth M1 Pro. If you guys want to learn more about premium open faced helmets, then make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and we will keep you up to date with anything to do with Schuberth. Thanks for reading guys.



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