Shark Spartan GT Carbon Review and Road Test with Video

Shark Spartan GT Carbon Review and Road Test with Video

The newly released Shark Spartan GT Carbon from Shark Helmets is meant to replace the Shark Spartan Carbon, but, to make sure, we've put it to our road test.

The Shark Spartan GT Carbon motorcycle helmet is the carbon fibre version of the Shark Spartan GT and the successor to the Shark Spartan Carbon full face sport touring helmet. While there are not very many differences between the Shark Spartan-GT Carbon and the Shark Spartan Carbon. The Spartan GT Carbon has a recommended retail price of 480 Euros, or around 530 US dollars, which is 30 euros more expensive than the Spartan Carbon and 80 more than the regular GT. Aside from the similar name, this helmet is also competing with the Shoei GT Air II, and other sport touring helmets like the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon and the Arai Profile-V.





First, let’s look at the shell, which, as the name suggests, is made of carbonfiber. The big advantage of the carbon version is that you need less material to achieve the same strength as fiberglass or polycarbonate. This has the great advantage that you have a light weight full face helmet. When we weighed this helmet, we got a result of 1450 Gram in a size M, so 70 grams lighter than the normal Shark Spartan GT. The helmet is available in 2 covering shell sizes from XS to XXL, though we would prefer to see multiple shell sizes. This is because the more shell sizes you have, the more compact the helmet is and the better the fit. This means it not only looks better but also makes the helmet lighter.



For ventilation, we have one large opening for the top vent of the helmet, which can be opened and closed with a slider also on the top of the helmet. We also have 2 Venturi chin vents that you can open or close with a small switch. All these vents should blow cool air into the helmet, which is then blown to the rear via channels in the EPS shell, and out exhaust vents at the rear, which you can open and close with a switch.



If we look at the visor there are also some differences with the regular GT. The Shark SpartanGT Carbon’s visor is a Shark VZ300 visor that has an additional locking system that the Spartan Carbon lacks, so this is a different type of visor and they’re not interchangeable. This extra lock should help with safety though it takes some practice to master. These visors are available in several tints and be sure to check our bundle deals for them. The GT is also equipped with a sun visor that you can operate using the same slide on top as with the normal Spartan. The visor is also anti-fog pinlock Max Vision lens prepared which is included in the box which we always like to see. A pinlock lens ensures that your visor does not fog over in colder weather. Removing the visor is fairly easy and can be seen demonstrated in our Shark Spartan GT Carbon Video Review and Road Test.



The inner lining is removable, washable, anti-bacterial and looks of average Shark quality. The helmet should fit glasses comfortably. The helmet features removable cheek pads and inner liner, attached with buttons and Velcro and uses a Double-D ring chin strap. The cheek pads also include an emergency release feature to help first responders in the event of anything unfortunate. The interior includes removable ear pads, which have space for the Shark Prime Bluetooth Communication System. The helmet features numerous EPS channels in the helmet itself to help promote airflow.


Road Test

When we tested the Spartan GT Carbon on the road it was 14 degrees Celsius and we had a wind speed of 100-115 km / h. As always, we test our helmet at a speed of 130 km on long sections of the highway. The inside temperature was 14-15 degrees, so that’s a 0.5 - 1 degree difference to with the outside temperature. The noise measurement for this helmet was about 100-102 decibels, which is pretty loud.

Our driver found the helmet performed very similarly to the Shark Spartan Carbon. He said it was comfortable to ride in giving it a comfortable 4 stars.


Champion Helmets Score

With the test over, let’s see how many stars the Shark Spartan GT Carbon earned. For the material, since this helmet is carbon fiber and comes in 3 shell sizes, this helmet gets 4 stars. In terms of weight, this helmet did not do as well as hoped since it was average weight for a carbon helmet, and, worse than this, it was heavier than it’s predecessor the Spartan Carbon, but this helmet still gets 4 stars for a weight of 1450 grams. For the visor, this helmet did well since it was pinlock prepared and in the box, so that’s another 4 stars. However, this helmet did not do as good for noise, being at a noisy 100 decibels, giving this helmet 2 stars. For ventilation, with an approximate degree difference this the Spartan GT gets a respectable 3 stars. Lastly, for comfort, the helmet didn’t do bad, giving it a fair 4 stars. This brings us to a total Champion Helmets score of 3.5 stars and, with a recommended retail price of about 480 Euros, this gives us 23 Euros/Star.

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This was the Spartan GT Carbon an interesting entry from Shark into the sport-touring category. It performed fairly well as a helmet on its own. But, when you compare it to the Spartan Carbon what you actually have here is a helmet that performs the same, is a bit heavier, and has an extra locking mechanism. You can really see this when you compare the GT Carbon’s 23 Euro/star rating to the Spartan Carbon’s 17. As a final note, you also do still have stronger performing helmets out there in the same price range like the Shoei GT Air 2. So, if you liked the Spartan Carbon, the Spartan GT should meet your expectations. If want to learn more, make sure to watch our reviews and road tests on our YouTube channel or check out our Shark Spartan GT Carbon Video Review and Road Test.


Have you seen this helmet cheaper somewhere else? Make sure to tell us and we’ll match the price or beat it!






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