Shark Spartan GT Carbon vs Shark Spartan Carbon

Shark Spartan GT Carbon vs Shark Spartan Carbon

Today, we’ll be comparing and road testing the Shark Spartan GT Carbon with its predecessor: The Shark Spartan Carbon.

The Shark Spartan GT Carbon is the recently released new model of the Shark Spartan Carbon. Both full face helmets from the Spartan helmet line are meant for sport-touring and the Shark SpartanGT Carbon helmet is coming in about 50 Euros more expensive with a recommended retail price of 480 euros, or around 530 US Dollars, while the normal Shark SpartanCarbon is about 430 Euros, or around 480 US Dollars. So, let’s see what other changes Shark Helmets have included with our road test.




Shark Spartan GT Carbon Features

First, let’s go over some quick specs for the Shark Spartan Carbon GT . The shell is, obviously made of carbon and is pretty lightweight coming in at 1450 grams in a size M. The helmet is available in 2 shell sizes and it also comes in a fiberglass shell version. For the ventilation system, you’ve got a large vent on top, 2 openings for a chin vent, and an adjustable exhaust in the back that you can open or close. The visor features an additional locking mechanism to improve safety and keep the visor in place, which the Spartan Carbon doesn’t have. The Spartan GT also has an integrated sun shield that you operate with a lever on top of the helmet and a pinlock prepared lens. The inner liner is removable, washable, meant to fit glasses, and is anti-bacterial. For the inside, you're also getting a chin curtain and a double D-ring chin strap. Not to mention it also has emergency quick release pads. So, let’s take this helmet out on the road.


Road Test

When we tested the Spartan GT Carbon on the road it was 14 degrees Celsius and we had a wind speed of 100-115 km / h. As always, we test our helmet at a speed of 130 km on long sections of the highway. The inside temperature was 14-15 degrees, so that’s a 0.5 - 1 degree difference to with the outside temperature. For noise level, this helmet clocked about 100-102 decibels, which is pretty loud. Our rider found the helmet to be very comfortable, but in performance to be about the same level as the Spartan Carbon.


Shark Spartan Carbon Overview

Now, let’s go over a few quick facts for the Shark Spartan Carbon. The shell is, again, made of carbon and fiberglass blend, and comes in 2 shell sizes. This helmet is actually lighter than the GT, weighing about 1300 grams. The visor comes pinlock Max Vision prepared and in the box, as well as coming with a dropdown sun visor. The interior is removable, washable, anti-bacterial, and also features a glasses friendly fit.


Road Test

When we tested the Spartan Carbon on the road it was 20 degrees Celsius and we had a wind speed of 125-130 km / h. As always, we test our helmet at a speed of 130 km on long sections of the highway. The inside temperature was 22 degrees, so that’s a 2 difference to with the outside temperature. For noise, this helmet comes in at 104 decibels, which is, like the GT, rather loud.

During the ride, our rider found the helmet comfortable and with a good lining. He also found it performed and ventilated well at speed though it was a bit noisy. Now, let’s give out some stars.


Champion Helmets Score

If we look at material, the Spartan GT is made of carbon and comes in 2 shell sizes, which gives it 4 stars and is the same as the Spartan Carbon which was also made of carbon and was offered in 2 shell sizes, so that gives the Spartan Carbon 4 stars too. Looking at weight, we have a strange result since the Spartan GT came out heavier with a weight of about 1450 grams, so that’s 4 stars, while the Spartan Carbon was about 1300 grams, giving it 5 stars. Moving on to the visor, both do well since they are both pinlock prepared and in the box and even though they’re not interchangeable, they’re both quite similar. Looking at ventilation, both helmets had about a degree or two difference, giving each 3 stars. For noise isolation, both helmets did equally poor at about the 102-4 decibel mark, giving each of them 2 stars. Lastly, for comfort, our rider thought they were both good so each helmet is getting a fair 4 stars. This brings the Spartan GT to a total of 3.5 stars and 23 Euros/star while the Spartan Carbon gets a total of 4 stars at 20 euros per star. So the biggest difference here is that half a star, likely brought due to the weight difference, but other than this there wasn’t that much of a clear difference.

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So, we’ve got a bit of a strange result here at the end. The Spartan GT Carbon is the latest in the Shark Spartan line meant to take over from the Spartan Carbon, but it doesn’t really add that much in terms of performance or value. Especially if we look at the Spartan GT’s Euro per star rating of 23 to the Spartan Carbon’s 20, which is pretty big considering the Spartan Carbon actually came out lighter than the GT Carbon. The real updates here seem to be mainly in terms of safety, which are always welcome, with the GT’s new visor lock and emergency release cheek pads but this ultimately seems to be the biggest change.

Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you want to learn more, make sure to check out our Shark Spartan GT Carbon vs Shark Spartan Carbon Road Test Video!


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