Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Shoe Review with Video

Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Shoe Review with Video

The Dainese Dover Gore-Tex are offering you protection, style, and lot more, so let’s take a closer look.

Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Motorcycle Shoe Review and Video

The Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Shoes are meant to be offering uniquely designed city sneaker looks with the sophistication of leather and utility of a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. These boots, with CE rated armor, will also keep you safe on our bike and will also be delivering Dainese’s standards of high quality. These boots will be coming at a recommended retail price of about 200 Euros, or around 220 US Dollars.




So, these shoes will be competing with the Revit Jefferson, the Alpinestars Faster Waterproof shoes, and it will be there alongside the Dainese Street Darker Gore-Tex.



These Dainese Dover GoreTex Motorcycle Shoes are mainly made of cowhide suede leather and premium materials along the top of the shoe. This is a common material used in more urban shoes since it looks more casual while also offering the strong abrasion resistance of leather. However, you do also have a shifter guard in the toe, which will also help prevent wear and tear on the Dover shoes.


Lastly, the shoe uses a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane integrated into the shoe to keep your feet dry. The Dover Gore-Tex also comes in sizes 39 to 47 and you can get the sole in neon yellow, white, and dark grey colors.



For protection, the Dainese Dover GTX riding shoe will do pretty well, though obviously not at the same level as a touring boot. Again, these are CE certified shoes and they come with rigid inserts on the ankles to protect that area better.


The sole of the shoe uses a varied grip to prevent slipping, and it’s got a nice springiness to it. Lastly, for a bit of added safety, these shoes also have a reflective insert in the back to make you more visible, just like the Dainese York shoes.



For the comfort on the Dover Gore-Tex shoes, they also do well. They do use a Gore-Tex membrane so you can trust these boots not to let the water in to get your feet wet. They also do have perforations all along the outside of the shoe to allow air in to cool your feet off. However, since these are also leather shoes, especially since they also only really come in this black color, they may still be on the hotter side.


For fastening, these shoes first use a leather panel that goes over the entire front of the shoe and sticks to the shoe using a ton of Velcro. If you peal back that first layer, then the shoes are actually done up with Dainese’s speed lacing system. So this is a nice touch since it will keep the laces much easier to handle in the rain since, as anyone knows, wet laces are not fun to deal with. This’ll also prevent you from the potential for your laces getting caught in something.

To do up the system, you just pull the laces and push the toggle down and vice versa to loosen the shoe again.


Looking at the interior now, these boots are lined with sneaker mesh and also have a neoprene panel in the back that will also help prevent water from leaking down into the back of the shoe.


If you’d like to purchase the Dainese Dover Gore-Tex shoes, head over to ChampionHelmets.com where we have a lowest price guarantee, so if you see these shoes cheaper anywhere else, let us know and we’ll lower the price.



Though the leather panel can make these shoes look a little bit more on the formal side of a casual shoe, Dainese have done a nice job with the Dover shoes. The speed lacing system covered by a leather strap ensures the shoe will keep your feet dry and comfortable while still looking inconspicuous. Though this is definitely helped by the fact that they are combined with exclusive Gore-Tex weather protection and meets Dainese safety standards.

If you would still like to learn more about the Dainese Dover Gore-Tex shoes, don’t forget to check out our Dainese Dover Gore-Tex Video Review on our YouTube channel, where we go even more in depth.



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