Dainese Mistica Tex Jacket Review + Video

Dainese Mistica Tex Jacket Review + Video

The Dainese Mistica jacket is the latest in their casual sport-touring line. Though it may seem like the Dainese Avro D2, we’ll be taking a closer look.

Dainese Mistica Tex Jacket Review + Video

The Dainese Mistica Motorcycle Jacket is the latest textile sport-touring jacket from Dainese. The Mistica Tex features a removable thermal lining to ensure maximum usability even on the coldest days making this jacket a versatile option for commuters who also want to have a sporty look. Positioned to sit alongside the Dainese Avro D2, this new jacket will be similar though it will offer a slightly different style and look, and it comes with updated certification.




Nonetheless, it is meant for the same type of weather as the Avro, so mainly dry days in the spring, summer, and autumn as well as cool mornings. The jacket comes in at a recommended retail price of about 230 Euros, or about 260 US Dollars.

At this price the jacket will also compete with the Alpinestars Gunner WP and the Revit Vertex Jackets.



Like the Avro D2, the Dainese Mystica Jacket is a fabric sports jacket made of D-Synth 350 fabric. This means the textile jacket will have a tough, abrasion resistant outer shell. The polyurethane rigid shoulders are covered with D-Synth 350 fabric as well.


One of the big differences with this jacket is that Dainese have made the logo much smaller rather than being full chest size like on the Avro. For better visibility, the Mistica also has reflective panels on the sides of the shoulders and in the back. And the jacket will come to about waist length with a race fit.



The Dainese Mistica Textile Jacket features a basic level of protection to keep you covered out on the road. So, that means certified to EN 1621.1 certified composite protectors in the shoulders and the elbows with additional PU rigid inserts at the shoulders.


On both sides, the shoulders are covered in D-Synth 350 fabric. The jacket is also prepared to accommodate a Dainese model back protector (not included), which are also always an important option to take up. The jacket also has the standard jacket to pants fastening system with a 360-degree zipper and belt loops in the back.



For temperature control, adjustable zippered air vents are included on the sides. You can zipper them open and closed if you’re riding on a cooler day or if you want to get more airflow when it gets hotter out. Taking a look inside now, the jacket is first fastened with a zipper and a snap in the collar with a second there for adjustability.


The jacket’s got the removable long sleeve thermal liner on the inside already and there is a zippered napoleon pocket. The liner comes with a Velcro stash pocket on the right, and you can remove the body warmer with zippers on either side and buttons.


Taking out the liner, the jacket is lined with breathable and perforated Sanitized fabric, which will let the air from the vents flow through the jacket. Back on the outside, the Dainese MisticaTex Jacket has zippered outer pockets. Lastly, you can adjust the jacket with cinches in the waist, a snap in the cuff, and two collar snaps depending on how wide you’d like it to be.



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The Dainese Mistica jacket is fairly simple overall, and doesn’t come with as many frills as some of Dainese’s other jackets. But, then again, it’s not meant to since it ticks all the boxes as far as safety with protection guaranteed by certified composite inserts, while also bringing an internal body warmer, which makes it a good starter jacket.


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