Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boot Review + Video

Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boot Review + Video

Where the Dainese Nexus boots offered you a sleek sports boots for city riding, the new Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP bots will be bringing the same level of style but with a couple new features thrown into the mix.

Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boots Review + Video

Today, we’ve got our hands on the Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP sport-touring boot. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of new entries into this category from Dainese with the Dainese Axial Gore-Tex and the Dainese Sport Master Gore-Tex built to face every weather condition and situation, but these will be by far the most affordable. While this is partly from using D-WP membrane instead of Gore-Tex, these boots are also a little bit simpler in terms of features.




For example, Dainese have replaced the suit to boot fastening system of the Axial boots with a large TPU shin guard in front. So, these boots will be coming at a recommended retail price of about 270 Euros, or about 300 US Dollars, which is 20 Euros more than the normal Dainese Nexus Boots. Though that isn’t too bad considering you’re getting a waterproof boot in the mix.

At this price though, these boots will be competing with the Revit Pioneer H2O, Alpinestars SMX 6 Gore-Tex V2, and the SIDI Aria Gore-Tex boots.



The Dainese Nexus 2 DWP Motorcycle Boots are, as usual for Dainese’s boots, mainly made of D-Stone fabric with an upper layer in microfiber. Both will be abrasion resistant, flexible, water resistant, and tough. The boots also include new reflective inserts in the front to make you more visible. Lastly, they also come with a gear shifter guard in the toe.



For safety, the Dainese Nexus II DWP Boots do very well. Starting at the top you’ve got this large TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) insert in the shin. It’s got pretty much the same styling as the shin of the Nexus boots right down to the vents on the side.


But, one major difference here is how Dainese have refined the special articulated Axial distortion control system. Rather than being on the outside, Dainese have put it in the boot and hidden it away to make it all look a little bit more stylish.


So, this system gives you ankle support while still allowing you to move easily the joint forwards. Though Dainese still have not connected the Axial system to the rest of the shoe for a better level of support, they have kept the TPU casing on the heel area here in the back. The toe has been reinforced with nylon and also features this replaceable plastic slider.



For comfort, this piece of Dainese protective gear will do just as well as their predecessors.

The rubber sole has a similar differentiated design to keep you from slipping and it has a good level of spring. You can still walk easily though thanks to the Axial system and this nice, ribbed insert here at the front. To adjust the boot, like with their predecessors you also have the two Velcro wings on either side right by the zipper. Since these are sport-touring boots, they do also have high grip TPU inserts on the insides to hold on to your bike.

The Dainese Nexus Two DWP will be waterproof thanks to their D-WP interior, but you will also get some good airflow with the two stylized vents in the TPU on the shin and the heel. Unfastening the boot, there are a few interior differences between the standard Nexus and the new Nexus 2 DWP.


You have a slightly taller weatherproof gaiter in the top and Dainese have added a leather panel to keep the elements from entering the boot through the zipper in the back. The upper liner in the shin is made of 3D mesh to help keep your feet a bit cooler in that waterproof membrane and there is a different liner as well in the lower half of the Dainese Nexus 2 D WP Boot.


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The Dainese Nexus were already a decent pair of touring boots. They were comfortable, slim, and very versatile. With the Dainese Nexus 2DWP you’ve got the same features but with a more refined and sleeker look, not to mention the added weatherproofing.


If you want to learn more about the Dainese Nexus 2 DWP Boots, then make sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have our Dainese Nexus 2 DWP Video Review along with our data driven helmet road tests.



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