Dainese Trackpants Review + Video

Dainese Trackpants Review + Video

Today, we’ve got the Dainese Trackpants here on for review, to go for the ultimate level of casual out on the streets. So, stick around as we run through the pants in our review.

Dainese Trackpants Trousers Review + Video

The Dainese Trackpants Trousers will be for riders looking for that next level of casual wear that can also serve off the bike. With their Armalith outer layer and trackpants styling, these two things shouldn’t be any problem. The Dainese Trackpants have a recommended retail price of about 300 Euros, or approximately 350 US Dollars, and come in black and olive in both men’s and women’s cuts.




So, the Dainese Track Trousers will be competing with the Revit Moto TF, Revit Cargo, Klim K-Fifty 1, Klim K-Fifty 2, and the Revit Philly 2 Pants.



The Dainese Trackpants Jeans are mainly made of the engineered cotton Armalith. This means that these will be very tough, abrasion resistant pants constructed in a single layer yarn with no additional layers underneath. Since Armalith is composed of a mix of cotton, Lycra, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethene the Armalith fabric is a soft fabric that offers hightened protection, consistency, and fit as normal cotton pants do.


So, you get an incredibly tough single layer outer shell with the look and feel of denim. For added safety, these pants have been assembled using a seamless construction in the cuffs, which means that when subject to abrasion that the seams are protected and will be more durable. Lastly, the pants are pren 17092 Class AA certified.



For safety, the technical motorcycle garment combines Dainese safety with comfort. The Dainese Trackpants Pants offer protection in a single Armalith outer shell, which will serve for abrasion resistance and is designed to be even better than Cordura or aramid fiber.


These urban pants come Pro-Shape 2.0 armor certified to CE 1621.1 2012 standards to CE Level 1 with protectors at the knees and hips. The pocket for the knee protector is also adjustable in addition to being removable, which is also a nice feature since it means that you can get a better fit and better safety.



Lastly, the Dainese Track Pants will be very comfortable pair of pants as any trackpants are. The Armalith fabric and ProShape armor is flexible and won’t restrict any of your movement or lead to any pressure points when you’re riding. And the pants use a clever magnetic buckle attached to a belt, a zip fly, and a snap at the waist.


There is also elastic in the waist for a more comfortable fit. Lastly, they have 4 pockets, so that’s two pockets at the front fastened with a snap, and two in the back. The pant cuffs are elasticated as well to make sure they fit correctly.


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The Dainese Trackpants offer a great level of versatility in their safety, style, and comfort. Using an Armalith outer layer and robust fastening system, the Dainese Trackpants model combines the comfort of sport pants and heightened protection.


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