How to Size and Fit Motorcycle Gloves Guide + Video

How to Size and Fit Motorcycle Gloves Guide + Video

Welcome to this video guide, where we’ll be running through the different types of gloves out there, their features, and how you can go about sizing them.

How to Size and Fit Motorcycle Gloves Guide

Motorcycle gloves are another key piece of equipment that are always a good idea to have on the bike. Not only do they, depending on the glove, protect your hands from impacts, the road, and the weather, but they can also come with extra features that can make your ride a bit more comfortable. Before we get going with looking at the different types of glove categories and what they mean. Just a quick word on motorcycle gloves in general.




As far as safety, leather and textile are both going to be safe since main quality gloves are going to be certified to CE Level 1 and, more recently, the prEN standard. Depending on the category, you also get short and long cuts, and while long gloves will give you more coverage and better weatherproofing, short gloves offer more flexibility and ease of use.


With that over with though, let’s move on.


Street Motorcycle Gloves

So, let’s start with street gloves, which will also include other categories like urban or casual gloves. These are usually going to be a more stylish pair of gloves and more often than not, they’re made of leather and come in a short cuff.


So, in general, they’ll be good for hotter weather riding since they usually come with perforations, they offer great convenience since you usually see touchscreen friendly fingertips here, and they’re going to be easy to slip in and out of. However, the downsides of these gloves will be that they won’t do great in tougher weather conditions like rain or cold and they usually offer a more basic level of hard protection.


Sport Motorcycle Gloves

Next up is your race and sports gloves. It’s important to make a slight distinction here. While race gloves are pretty much always going to be full cuff, made of leather, and are going to take you out on the track. Sport and sport-touring gloves come In a mix of long and short cuffs and will also sometimes be made with some textile.


So, the pros of race and sports gloves will the high level of protection with things like titanium hard protectors and protection all the way up the wrist. They are usually made of the best materials available, so that’s kangaroo, Pittards, or Goat leather. Lastly, they’ll offer high end racing features with grip patches. However, this comes at the cost that they are rarely weatherproof unless they’re for sport touring, and they’ll also come in at higher prices due to the amount and type of leather used.


Touring Motorcycle Gloves

Next, we come to touring gloves. These are usually going to be focused on giving you a maximum of protection from the weather. So, this is where you’ll be seeing a lot more of your waterproof and insulating liners, and, as a result, these gloves are usually made of textile. You’ll also sometimes see some additional features like visor wipers, though this depends on the glove as well.


This means the pros for touring gloves will be their high focus on weatherproofing and comfort. You’ll also sometimes get some nice extra features as well that lend themselves well to touring including touch screen fingertips as well. However, the downsides of these additional liners is that you may lose some feeling with the gloves, and they won’t be very breathable.


Adventure Motorcycle Gloves

Adventure gloves are going to be trying to offer you a mix of different features since it sits between touring and off road. So, these gloves are usually made of a mix of textile and leather for maximum ventilation and to also offer a bit of abrasion resistance in the palm. These are also going to usually be short gloves to give you a high level of comfort and stretch.


So, the pros of these gloves will be their ventilation, comfort, and flexibility, since they’re trying to offer you a bit of touring and a bit of off road. However, the downside of this is that they are not usually very waterproof and depending on the glove they sometimes go a little lighter on protection.


Off Road Motorcycle Gloves

Lastly for glove categories, we’ve got off road gloves. These gloves are going to be short cuffed and will focus on comfort and flexibility even more than adventure gloves. So, they’re generally fully made of textile and have little to no hard protection.


So, the pros of off-road gloves are that they will give you great freedom of movement and ventilation. Though since these are full textile gloves, they won’t be very durable in the long term and won’t be weatherproof.


Motorcycle Glove Fits

With these glove categories over with, there are a few things to mention regarding different fits to keep in mind. Usually, you get gloves that are either regular or slim, so it’s important to keep your hand shape in mind. Regular fit gloves, sometimes called American, are going to be wider across the knuckle, will be wider in the fingers, and will also be shorter in the fingers.


In contrast, a slim, race, or European fit means that you get a slimmer glove that will hug your hand more closely. You’ll get a narrower width across the hand, longer fingers, and thinner fingers as well. When you try your gloves on, make sure that they should hug your hand snugly, but you should still be able to move your hand comfortably.


How to Size Motorcycle Gloves

Now that you have your glove and your fit in mind, we can finally get to sizing. There are two ways that manufacturers will measure sizing which is your hand circumference or your hand width, so it is always important to check out their sizing guides to make sure you’re using the right method. To measure your hand circumference, you will need to get a flexible tape measure and measure around the palm of your hand around the same height as your knuckles.



For hand width, you need to measure the widest point of your hand above your thumb but just under the knuckles. You can do this either on a table or hard surface or up in the air by draping the tape over your hand. Though keep in mind that some gloves will not run true to size, so it’s important to also try the gloves on without riding and to try out how they feel.



If you’d like to go for a pair of motorcycle gloves, then make sure to head to where we have a lowest price guarantee and if you have any questions you can always reach out to us via telephone, email, or on our live chat on our website.



This guide is going to cover you for the basics of what you should keep in mind when looking at and buying a pair of motorcycle gloves. But it is still always a good idea to check out more info on the gloves themselves. To help you out with that we regularly upload product reviews and seasonal guides for gloves and more.


If you’d like to learn more about how to size and buy your motorcycle glove, then make sure to head to our YouTube channel with our How to Size and Fit Motorcycle Gloves Video Guide.



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