Icon Regulator D3O Vest Review + Video

Icon Regulator D3O Vest Review + Video

The Icon Regulator D3O Stripped Vest is bringing plenty of style and comfort to the Icon gear range. That’s why we’ll be giving the vest a closer look in our review.

Icon Regulator D3O Stripped Vest Review + Video

The Icon Regulator D3O Stripped Vest is designed with style and airflow in mind while offering plenty of space to add all the patches you like. Even though this is a vest, Icon have clearly worked hard to make sure that the vest offers the right level of coverage all in a premium leather chassis. This mainly means that the vest is actually already coming with a D3O back protector included to ensure that the jacket is both comfortable and that it does provide some protection.




As a quick note before we go further, it’s important to note that you can even get some choice in style since the Stripped version means you’re getting less branding and will let you focus on your club patches and you have the regular Icon Regulator with a large Icon logo across the chest.

Altogether this simplified design will mean that the Icon vest is coming at a recommended retail price of about 200 Euros, or 240 USD, so it will be competing with the Klim Arsenal Vest.



The Icon Regulator Leather Vest is made from premium 1.4mm cowhide leather to make sure that you get a high level of abrasion resistance. Icon also refer to their leather as TracSpec, since it is the same type used in their racing jackets and suits. Though the vest doesn’t come with any reflective areas, it can always be paired with other layers or riding jackets underneath to give you that extra coverage or visibility.



If you’re considering the Icon vest, then clearly, you’re already prepared for the lack of integrated arm coverage. However, that aside, Icon have still produced a surprisingly well-thought out vest from a safety standpoint, since not only are you getting that tough leather construction but a D3O CE Level – 1 back protector. D3O is a top armor brand that will ensure not only comfort but quality protection.

The updated D3O Viper back protector is removable, and doing so reveals a large set of zips to flip the liner back, providing perfect access for attaching a club patch.



For comfort, the Icon Regulator D30 Vest will also do very well. Starting at the front, you have a large, perforated leather ventilation panel in the chest with additional perforations in the back. However, since this is a vest, you’ll still get a good level of airflow either way.

As far as adjustments, though the collar is set, you can change the side fit with adjustment straps to wear a jacket underneath. Lastly, another featured aspect are two cross draw pistol pockets up front for easy access. The Regulator vest is sized to fit in a relaxed way so it can also be worn over a jacket.

To open the vest, you do get a snap holding the zipper in place, and then you get a large zipper straight down the front. On the inside, you have a mesh liner for airflow with another interior pocket that is zippered and in the chest.


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The Icon Regulator D3O Stripped Vest is a solid vest that has not only been well finished, but cleverly designed to make sure that it really is both comfortable and user friendly with its D3O armor and flip back liner.

If you still want to see more of the Icon Regulator Vest, then make sure to head and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have our Icon Regulator D3O Stripped Vest Video Review and you can also check out our data driven helmet road tests.



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