Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Pants Review + Video

Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Pants Review + Video

The Klim Carlsbad jacket and pants, right next to the Kodiak and the Badlands, are one of Klim’s most recognizable and popular jackets. So, make sure to stick around for our review where we take a look at why.

Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Klim Carlsbad Pants Review

The Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Klim Carlsbad Pants are going to cover your dual sport or adventure rider whether it’s in hot, cold, or wet conditions. They’ll be a good choice if you’re looking for 3-season gear that is highly mobile, highly vented, and is specifically designed to handle the rigors of road riding. Not only do they come with a whole range of great features in terms of adjustability and Gore-Tex waterproofing, but they even come with CE Level 2 armor already inside.




Looking at the jacket alone now, if you’re also a fan of pockets (like we are), then it also won’t disappoint with a total of 14 pockets distributed between the inside and out. It’s also been redesigned recently to offer better ventilation and comfort, and it will also be lighter than the Badlands jacket, which will make it more comfortable and flexible for off road riding.


So, with a recommended retail price of about 700 Euros, or 760 USD, the Carlsbad will also be competing with the Revit Poseidon 2 Gore-Tex, Revit Defender Pro Gore-Tex, and the Dainese D-Explorer 2 Gore-Tex.



For material, the Klim Carlsbad Motorcycle Jacket is made mainly of FPL400 fabric, which is the same as the Klim Badlands Pro Jacket. This outer shell is built using a Gore-Tex performance shell construction, so it is built to keep you dry no matter what. Though this will negatively impact the breathability of the jacket.


The Carlsbad has also been further reinforced with 630D Cordura yarn panels in the shoulders and elbows to add even more abrasion resistance. In the sides of the arms and on the back, the jacket also includes 3M scotchlite reflective panels that blend into the rest of the colors on the jacket. The jacket itself is prEN 17092 certified to Class AA, which means the jacket will do a good job keeping you safe in the various situations that may arise during adventure rides.



Next up, we come to the Klim Carlsbad Adventure Jacket’s safety. In the shoulders, elbows, and back, you’re getting D3O protectors certified to CE Level 2. So, these protectors will offer the maximum level of impact protection. And thanks to the properties that D3O has, these protectors will be flexible when in normal use but will harden in an impact. So, as far as the elbow armor that's included, it is more than just good protection.



Next up, for the interior, and it’s full of touring comfort. The jacket fastens with an adjustable collar and a large zipper down the front. The liner itself is made of moisture wicking polygene anti-odor material so the jacket will stay reasonably fresh over time. There’s also a space for a kidney belt, though this is sold separately.


For adjustability, you have a pull tab in the back of the collar, two forearm straps, Velcro cuffs, and an adjustable bottom hem. And, for added safety and comfort, you also have a jacket to pants zipper system.



For ventilation, the Klim Carlsbad includes a forearm zip with zippers on either end, two chest vents that are also zippered. Lastly, you also have two vents in the back that are also zippered. And lastly, you have collar tabs on either side so you can pull the collar tab back for extra airflow to the neck.



Finally, in a section all on its own we’ve got the pockets on the jacket. In the forearm you have a small ID card pocket and two water resistant outer cargo pockets along the bottom that also combine with hand warmer pockets. In the chest, you have another waterproof zippered pocket, a water-resistant chest pocket, and yet another utility pocket in the chest.


For the inside, there are two internal pockets on either side, a left chest pocket with a port for headphones, and then two more pockets on the inside on the right. Lastly, there’s a concealed document pocket behind the backpad. So, to summarize, lots of pockets.


Klim Carlsbad Pants

Now, we’ll just cover the basics for the Klim Carlsbad Pants, that are meant to match the jacket. They’re coming in at a similar price to the jacket at about 580 Euros. The reason for this is they have essentially the same construction as the jacket.

So, you have the same FPL400 textile construction with a Gore-Tex outer shell and extra Cordura reinforcement inside the knees and cuffs. Though you do get additional goat leather panels on the inside of the leg for extra grip on the bike. The pants are certified to the same prEN 17092-3 AA rating as the Klim Carlsbad Jacket.



For protection, the Klim Carlsbad Trousers also come with D3O CE level 2 armor in the knee and hip. These pads are removable, and, more importantly, they are adjustable so you can fit the protectors to your legs. And you have the matching zipper at the top of the pants to zip to the jacket.



For comfort, the motorcycle pants come with two intake and exhaust vents on the thighs right next to the cargo pockets. You have adjustment straps in the hips and a zipper and snap in the cuffs, so a little on the sparser side. Some final nice features of these pants is that they have a waterproof and gusseted zipper to keep any rain out, they use a polygiene anti-microbial and moisture wicking liner, and they have been designed to fit a riding position.


If you’d like to purchase the Klim Carlsbad jacket or Klim Carlsbad Pants, then make sure to head to ChampionHelmets.com where we have a lowest price guarantee and plenty of bundle deals including the matching pants.



If you’re in the market for a mid-priced jacket and pants combination that has a focus on safety, then the Carlsbad should definitely be on your list. While it does come with fewer frills, than some other jackets, it covers the basics. It’s got CE Level 2 protectors, has Gore-Tex waterproofing, and has gone the extra mile to make sure the pockets are also waterproofed.


If you want to see more on the Klim Carlsbad Jacket and Pants, then don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel where we have our Klim Carlsbad Jacket + Pants Video Review and our road tests where we take out the latest helmets, measure their performance, and bring you the facts.



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