Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Pants Review + Video

Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Pants Review + Video

The Revit Poseidon 2 Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants sets are built to get you through anything anywhere and we’ll be taking a look how in our review.

Rev’It Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Pants Review + Video

The Rev'It Poseidon 2 Gore-Tex Jacket and Revit Poseidon 2 Gore-Tex Pants are the successor to the already popular Rev'It Poseidon GTX jacket and pants. Revit have taken feedback from long-distance touring riders and have used it to craft an even better jacket with a fully redesigned outer shell to make the GTX jacket lighter and more flexible.

This 4-season road touring set is not just meant for wet season rides either since Revit have been generous with the vents and they’ve used Aquadefence closures to make sure that they don’t leak when closed.




So, we’ll first start with the jacket before moving on to the pants. Diving into the Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket, it’s coming with a recommended retail price of about 800 Euros, or 955 USD, so it will be sitting between the Revit Neptune 2 GTX if you want to focus more on price and the Revit Dominator 2 GTX Jacket if you’re looking to upgrade or go off road.

It will also be competing with the Dainese D-Explorer 2 GTX, Dainese Antartica GTX, Klim Latitude, and Klim Apex Jackets.



The outer shell of the Revit Poseidon2 GTX Jacket is mainly made of 2 layer Gore-Tex fabric with 400D high-tenacity nylon on the outside and waterproof Gore-Tex laminated onto the interior to keep you dry and comfortable. The high wear areas of the shoulders and forearms have been constructed out of 3-layer Gore-Tex shell with the same 400D nylon outer layer.

The advantage of the third layer is improved waterproofing and durability of the Gore-Tex membrane. For high impact zones in the elbows, Revit have opted for Superfabric, one of the toughest textiles currently available and for comfort there is neoprene in the collar.

Lastly, for improved visibility, Revit have included reflective panels in the chest, arms, and back.



To match the tough outer shell of the Rev’It! Poseidon 2 GTX, Revit have fully equipped the motorcycle jacket with SEEFLEX CE Level 2 limb protectors in the elbows and shoulders. These protectors have been certified to the EN1621 - 2012 standard in various temperatures, and I’ve got one out here and you can see how they are both tough but comfortable.


To further upgrade the safety of the Revit Jacket, it is also prepared for the SEESOFT CE Level 1 divided chest protector and a SEESOFT CE Level 2 back protector, which are always recommended. For additional weatherproofing and safety, there is a short and long connection zipper in the back that will fit with any pair of Revit pants including the matching Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Trousers.



As far as comfort, the Revit jacket is going to do great since it’s meant to handle long-distance tours rain or shine. Starting at the top, the jacket already comes with a detachable Gore-Tex storm collar, which will make sure that your neck stays dry in heavy rain and that no water works its way into the jacket.

To do that, it comes with a gaiter at the top for a comfortable closure, and it fastens with Velcro. It’s made with the same 3-layer Gore-Tex construction with neoprene at the top for comfort, and it attaches with a quick connection zip that goes around the collar.


However, if things do end up getting hot, the touring jacket does come with a collar hook that lets you fold it back to open the neck further. There are large vents in the chest on either side with FidLock magnetic fasteners. All you need to do is unzip the flap, pull it back and the magnets do the rest.

With the vent open, Revit have used their Aquadefence rain gutter to make sure that any water that happens to make its way under the flap is directed straight out again.


There are also zippered vents in the biceps, also with storm flaps, and there are two zippered outlet vents in the back of the shoulders. For cool weather as well, the jacket comes with a detachable thermal liner and it is prepared for the Revit Challenger cooling vest insert for hot weather riding and the vest connector NEON to bring you more visibility.



For storage, the Revit Poseidon 2 GoreTex Jacket comes with two slit zippered pockets at the front for easy access, a large waterproof stash pocket in the back for any additional liners or larger items.


For adjustability and comfort, the Poseidon 2 GTX comes with quick adjust straps in the forearm and two in the waist, an elastic toggle in the hem, Velcro tabs in the cuffs, and there is a Flexisnap collar that is flexible, more versatile, easier to adjust, and offers a clever solution. Lastly, if you need to open up the jacket for a bit more space, there is a zippered gusset on either side of the hem.



For fastening the jacket, you first have the snap at the top followed by a zipper hidden underneath a storm flap designed to keep the water out by forcing it to flow out.  Zipper undone, you come to a napoleon pocket hidden underneath that storm flap, and then it’s the thermal liner with another internal pocket.

Once the liner’s taken out, there is the internal moisture wicking mesh liner of the jacket which will help keep air circulating during warmer weather.


Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Pants

Now, onto the Rev’It Poseidon 2 GTX Pants. These are designed to match the jacket, which means they’ll also match its great abrasion resistance, waterproofing, and comfort. This also means that, since they’re coming at a recommended retail price of about 600 Euros, or 715 USD, which means they’ll be competing with the Klim Latitude, Dainese Antartica Gore-Tex, and the Dainese D-Explorer 2 GTX Pants.



For material, the upper leg of the Rev’It! Poseidon 2 Gore-Tex Trousers are made of 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric with 400D nylon for the outer material. In the lower leg and the waist, you have 2-layer Gore-Tex material with the same 400D outer layer. In the high wear zone of the inside of the leg, Revit have added 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric with an Armacor outer layer for greater abrasion and temperature resistance.

Armacor here is an advanced blend of Kevlar and Cordura to create a highly abrasion resistant fabric, and these are all the same top of the range materials that you also often see in Klim jackets.

Lastly, the pants come with Suregrip patches in the seat to prevent slipping and there are reflective panels in the sides of the legs.



For safety, the Revit pants come with the same tough SEEFLEX CE Level 2 armor in the knees as the jacket, which are also adjustable thanks to quick adjust straps in the back of the leg, while the hips come with SEESMART CE Level 1 protectors, which will be thin and lightweight, while still offering the required level of impact absorption.

The touring pants include a connection zipper in the back to also allow them to connect with the matching Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket.



For comfort, the pants will be fully waterproof thanks to their Gore-Tex outer shell and they even come with a detachable thermal liner for colder rides. However, if things do turn out to be nice and warm, then they also will do great for ventilation.

The pants use the same waterproof Aquadefence ventilation control system in the thighs as on the jacket and they also use the same easy to use FidLock fasteners. When open, these will allow air into the pants to keep you cool while being waterproof while closed. To let this air out, there are zippers on either side of the leg.

For storage, you’re getting two slit pockets, one on either side, each closed with a zipper. For comfort, the pants are fastened with a YKK slide lock to make closing the pants quick and easy, and they’ve even been prepared for the Revit Strapper suspenders to make sure they stay up.


The pants have a regular touring fit. Though if you need more adjustability, then the cuffs also come with adjustable Velcro closures so that you can fit the pants over a variety of touring boots.


If you’d like to learn more about the Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Rev’It Poseidon2 GTX Pants, then head to where we have our lowest price guarantee and bundle deals including a pair of matching pants at a discount.



The Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Pants set is a tough combination specially built for touring riders. From their full Gore-Tex construction to their clever FidLock fasteners, the premium jacket and pants are designed for long rides in a variety of conditions.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Revit Poseidon 2 Jacket and Pants, then make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch out Revit Poseidon 2 GTX Jacket and Pants Video Review. Don’t forget we also regularly add our data driven road tests for the latest motorcycle helmets where we present the facts.



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