Revit Trail H2O Boot Review and Video

Revit Trail H2O Boot Review and Video

Strong touring boots that offer comfort, protection and value aren’t always easy to find, so let’s see if the Revit Trail H2O can deliver.

Revit Trail H2O Boot Review + Video

The Revit Trail H2O is a high value touring boot with a unique profile that's still positioned at an affordable price point. This will suit riders on their daily commute as well as those that head out on the weekend. Basically, touring riders. It comes with all the kinds of features that we need for a boot that can be worn in any kind of weather condition. Plus, as a touring boot, it also comfortable to walk in, though it still is a pretty stiff boot.


Now this Revit boot comes in at 240 USD or 180 Euros at the recommended retail price. Not bad for a waterproof touring boot that’s competing with the SIDI Aria Gore-Tex, Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex, and the Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex.



So, to kick off this review, we’ll start at the sole of the boot. The sole has a unique form thanks to all the reinforcement and thought that has gone into it and it's meant to have a profile that provides grip for control stability, which is crucial for an tour rider or commuter. It is a Vibram sole and Vibram are known for making strong and high-quality gear.


Towards the front and the back, we have a deep tread, so you can some very good grip when walking around in this boot, which helps with that any kind of weather effect. The middle though is inlaid, and this will help you grip your pegs, plus it is very strong here. We have an integrated shank as well for reinforcement for if you need to stand on your foot pegs. So, the sole of the H2O boot is designed for control and stability for standing and flexibility for walking.


The sole is also reinforced with shock absorbing materials and they look like different parts of the boot, so you'll easily be able to recognize them.



Moving up the Rev’It Trail H2O, you have reinforced, hard material that offers protection at your toes against abrasion and impact. Then the main material is the PWR shell 500D textile. This helps bring the price down and still offer protection. PWR shell is Revit's material of choice and offers great abrasion and tear resistance. Then you have a little accordion like material for flexibility at the front of the ankle.

On the outside of the shin you have a suede leather panel which covers a flexible piece of armor. So, this helps with a bit of tearing and abrasion resistance plus impact absorption. Finally, at the toe you’ll find a gear shifter protector so that the shoes don't get worn out too quickly.



You can open the Revit Trail H20 up with Velcro and then with a zipper. You’ll then see leather which is backed with the waterproof liner. This makes it easy to get the boot on but keeps it waterproof. The tongue is gusseted to make sure nothing unwanted gets into the boot and it has also been lined with 3D airmesh on the interior to allow for better ventilation throughout the boot.


So, as mentioned, the inside has a waterproof liner and that is the Hydratex from Revit. It offers plenty of waterproofing and then it also lets your sweat escape out. So, it is cooling and drying. Now this isn’t as great as Gore-Tex but still comes in as a great option. For the rest the inside of the boot is covered in a 3d mesh liner for comfort and a little air flow too.


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That is it for this high value, any kind of weather touring boot. It comes with fairly good protection and the Hydratex liner to keep you dry, it was constructed with quality details. If you want to see full video review of the Revit Trail H2O boots or any other kind of motorcycle gear, make sure you subscribe with that big red button and look around our YouTube channel.



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