Schuberth SC1M Bluetooth Communication System Review and Installation + Video

Schuberth SC1M Bluetooth Communication System Review and Installation + Video

While Bluetooth systems can sometimes be a pain to install, Schuberth have worked to make it as easy to install the Schuberth M1 Pro as possible. But just in case, I’ll still be showing you how to install the SC1 M in the M1 Pro helmet and use it too.

Schuberth SC1M Bluetooth Communication System Installation and Review

If you didn’t guess already, the Schuberth SC1M Advanced Bluetooth Communication System will be to the Schuberth M1 Pro what the Schuberth SC1 Advanced is to the Schuberth C4 Pro. So, that means that since the Schuberth M1Pro also comes with fully integrated speakers and microphone. All you need to do is add the computer.




The communication system is a basic plug and play set up that means you don't have to go through the lengthy pre-installing process. But there are still some features to talk about with the Sena SC1M Advanced. First, is the face that it comes at a recommended retail price of about 270 Euros, or around 300 US Dollars.


So, though it won’t be competing directly, it will also be going up against the Cardo-Schuberth SRC system and an indirect competitor is the Sena SRL 2 which is for the Shoei J-Cruise 2.


Schuberth SC1M Specs

Before we get installing, I’ll just run over a few features of the Schuberth SC1 M Advanced. Though it’s supplied by Schuberth, it’s still powered by Sena technology.

Taking it out of the box, you basically have everything you need. So, you’ve got the system with the battery in one module and the remote control that you’ll need to perform your basic interactions with the system. For battery life, though the system is advertised as offering up to 14 hours of talk time, it’s probably a bit safer to avoid relying on this figure. But it does charge in 3 hours which isn’t bad.


You unfortunately can’t charge the system and ride at the same time, and the Sena RC3 remote control uses a replaceable watch style CR2016 battery. The Sena SC1 M Advanced will let you talk to 4 people over a distance of maximum 500 meters, which is half as much as the SC1 standard for Schuberth’s modular and full-face helmets. Nonetheless, the system does take voice commands, lets you share music, and has FM radio capability.


How to install the Schuberth SC1M

To install the Schuberth SC1M Advanced in the Schuberth M1 Pro, all you need to do is open up the cover in the back by pushing the button in and pulling the cover out, just like with a TV remote control. As you take the cover out, just take care not to lose it since you’ll need it if you ever want to take the system back out.

Then, you snap the system in and that’s pretty much it. Since the Schuberth SC1M Advanced Communication System is mounted on the back of the helmet, you won’t be able to use the multi-function button in the back so you’ll need to use the remote control that comes with the system.


If you want to install the remote control somewhere, like the helmet, your sleeve, or your bike, you have three ways of doing this. You can snap it into a special clip mount if you want to mount it on your sleeve for easy access. If you want to use the Velcro fastener, you just attach the hook fastener to the controller, you stick the loop fastener to your bike or helmet, and then you can mount the system there.


Lastly, you can also just use the double-sided adhesive tape to stick the controller to whatever surface you like, and it’ll be ready after 24 hours. While these options are all good, it is still a shame that you can’t easily mount the controller on the handlebars where you can more easily reach it.


How to use the Schuberth SC1M system

Now, to operate the system, it’s all pretty basic. You’ve got the multifunction button, the charge port on the main unit, and you’ve got three buttons on the remote control. The charge port is also what you can use to download firmware updates to the system.

Just like with most basic Sena systems, you have a plus, minus, and a center button. To turn the system on, you either press and hold the multifunction button for 1 second or press the plus and center button at the same time on the remote control.


If you’re worried about pairing, you shouldn’t be since the two come paired right out of the box. But it’s also simple to do it yourself if you do need another remote you just hold the multi-function button until the system enters pairing mode then you do the same on the remote until they pair.


If you want to pair your phone to play music, for example, you just hold the center button for 10 seconds until you hear “configuration menu”. Then, you press plus and the system should then appear in your phone’s list of available devices. Once you’ve done this, you can also use Schuberth’s app for iOS and Android to get a bit more functionality out of the SC1M system.


Additional features of the Schuberth SC1M System

Though it’s not the most advanced, you do still get all the basic features with the system. So for phone calls, you answer with the plus and hang up with the center button. But you can also set up speed dials that you can access by holding the center button for three seconds and selecting the number. The SC1M offers VOX voice commands as well.


For listening to music, it’s straightforward too, plus and minus control the volume and if you hold them they let you skip through. The center button is play/pause. The music will also automatically turn off if you answer a call or are in group intercom mode. You can even enable bike to bike radio music sharing.


Lastly, to turn things like the radio on, you hold minus until you hear the tone and then you can track through stations by double clicking the plus or minus, or you can scan by holding the plus button for 1 second. The system will also let you save your favorite stations.

These are the basic functions that you get with the system, but you can also check out more in the instruction manual on Schuberth’s website.


If you’d like to purchase the Schuberth SC1M Advanced Communication System, make sure to check out where we have a lowest price guarantee and it’s also included in a bundle with the Schuberth M1 Pro.



The Schuberth SC1M is definitely a more basic comms system compared to something like the Schuberth SC1 Advanced or the Sena SRL2. But it does get the job done, especially since its focus is on ease of use.


If you found this review helpful or want to see more on how to install and operate the Schuberth SC1M system, make sure to check out our Schuberth SC1M Review and Installation Guide on our YouTube channel.



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