Shoei Neotec II vs Schuberth C4 Pro Road Test + Video

Shoei Neotec II vs Schuberth C4 Pro Road Test + Video

Get ready, since we’ve now finally put the two giants of the modular helmet world, the Schuberth C4 Pro vs the Shoei Neotec 2, to our road test to see which is better.

Shoei Neotec II vs Schuberth C4 Pro Road Test + Video

One of the most hotly debated questions about modular helmets remains unanswered. Which is better, the Shoei Neotec II or the Schuberth C4 Pro helmet? Each helmet has its own fans, their own pros and cons, and both are top of the range in their respective companies, which makes this a very difficult question to answer. So, we’ve set out on our road test and measured our data, to try and truly figure out which is better.




These helmets will both also be competing with the AGV Sportmodular, Shark Evo One 2, Nolan N100 5 Plus, and the HJC RPHA 90.


Shoei Neotec II Specs

Before we get riding with the Shoei Neotec 2, just a few quick specs on the helmet. With a recommended retail price of about 630 Euros, or around 680 US Dollars, the Shoei Neotec Two is a flip up helmet that lets you easily open the chin bar with one hand.


The shell material is Shoei’s Advanced Integrated Matrix, or AIM, which is a blend of fiberglass and organic fibers. This means the Neotec 2 comes in at a fairly light weight of around 1700 grams in a size M and it comes in 3 outer shell sizes.


For ventilation, the Shoei Neotech II comes with vents in the chin and forehead and there are exhaust vents in the back. The Neotec 2’s visor is pinlock prepared with the insert lens in the box, and it uses a spring-loaded visor system to pull the visor into the helmet. And it also has an integrated drop-down sun visor.


The liner of the Neotec 2 is Shoei’s 3D liner which is removable, washable, anti-bacterial, and the helmet is prepared for the Sena SRL 2. Lastly, the Neotec 2 uses a micro-ratchet chin strap. Now let’s see how it does on the road.


Road Test Setup

Just a quick reminder for how we set up our road tests. We measured the helmet’s internal temperature in degrees Celsius based on a thermometer placed between the helmet’s liner and the EPS. For the noise level in the helmet we took readings from a microphone placed near the ear.


Lastly, for the day’s windspeed, we used an anemometer mounted on the bike. We performed our test at 130 km/h, or around 80 mph, on long stretches of highway.


Shoei Neotec II Road Test

When we tested the Neotec 2 out, it was a nice sunny day with the windspeed at about 120 to 130 km/h. The day’s temperature was about 33 degrees while the internal temperature was about 32 degrees Celsius. So, that’s a difference of 1 degree, which is a great result for such a hot day.


For wind noise, the helmet came in at 101 decibels, which is also very good for a modular helmet since they tend to be louder than full face helmets. But before seeing how it scores against the Schuberth C4 Pro, let’s check out the rest of the data.


Schuberth C4 Pro Specs

The Schuberth C 4 Pro is coming in at the top of Schuberth’s high quality line. This helmet is a complement to both the Schuberth C3 Pro and the original C4 basic. This modular helmet is coming in at a recommended retail price of about 600 Euros, or around 650 US Dollars. So even in this field, the Schuberth and the Shoei are neck and neck.


The C4 Pro comes in 3 outer shell sizes and is made using Schuberth’s direct fiber processing method, where glass fiber is extruded under high pressure. This makes sure that the helmet is very lightweight at about 1650 grams. However, for those wanting a lighter helmet, there is the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon.


For ventilation, the Schuberth comes with a large chin and brow vent that you have the option of opening or closing. The visor is pinlock prepared and comes with the insert in the box. The helmet also comes with a dropdown sunshade.


The liner of the Schuberth C4Pro has a velvety texture and is removable, washable, and anti-bacterial. The Shuberth C4 Pro is also fully prepared for the Schuberth SC1 Advanced and the SC1 Communication System with the speakers and microphone already pre installed in the helmet. Now, let’s see how it does out on the road.


Schuberth C4 Pro Road Test

When we tested the Schuberth C4 Pro out, it was in the same conditions as the Shoei Neotec 2. So, it was the same sunny day with the windspeed at about 115-120 km/h. The helmet’s internal temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius while the exterior temperature was about 31 degrees Celsius. So, that’s another difference of 1 degree, putting the C4 Pro equal to the Shoei in terms of ventilation.


For noise, the Schuberth C4 Pro came in at about 99 decibels, which is a very strong result for a modular helmet. Now, let’s finally see how the two helmets stacked up.


Schuberth C4 Pro vs Shoei Neotec II Road Test Results

For material, since both helmets are made of fiberglass and come in 3 shell sizes, both helmet’s earn 4 stars. For weight, the Neotec 2 is a bit heavier so it comes in at 3 stars, while the C4 Pro earns 4. Nonetheless, with its advanced visor mechanism, the Neotec 2 earns 5 stars while the C4 Pro earns another 4.


For ventilation, since both helmets were 1 degree cooler than the outside they both gain another 5 stars. For noise, since the C4 Pro was so quiet, it earns 5 stars while the Neotec 2 earns 4 since it was slightly louder. Lastly, both helmets were very comfortable earning each another 5.


This brings the Neotec 2 to a total of 4 stars at 22 Euros/star.


The C4 Pro comes in at a total of 4.5 stars and 21 Euros/star. So, both helmets perform very well though the C4 Pro did eke out ahead by half a star and by being 1 Euro/star less than the Neotec.


If you’d like to purchase the Shoei Neotec 2 or the Schuberth C4 Pro, then make sure to head to where we have a lowest price guarantee and plenty of bundle deals including a free visor or a discounted communication system.



There we have it, both helmets are top of the range but the Schuberth came out slightly ahead. The Schuberth was able to gain the edge thanks to its lighter weight and stronger noise isolation. If you’re curious to learn more about how the Shoei Neotec 2 compares to the Schuberth C4 Pro, make sure to check out our YouTube channel. There, we have our Shoei Neotec II vs Schuberth C4 Pro Road Test Video along with many more helmet comparisons and guides.



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