Smart HJC 10B Review and Installation Guide + Video

Smart HJC 10B Review and Installation Guide + Video

The HJC Smart 10B and 20B are coming as a new comms system built to perfectly integrate into the latest HJC 2020 helmet lines, including the RPHA Carbons, I90, and F70. So, we’ll be going over how to install it and its specs and features.

Smart HJC 10B Review and Installation Guide + Video

The Smart HJC 10B is a Bluetooth communication system that represents another brand and helmet specific comms system entry into the motorcycle rider world. This is following the recent trend seen with Shoei and the Sena SRL 2 along with other companies like Shark, Nolan, and, to a limited extent, AGV.




Though there are pros and cons to this trend, we’ll be leaving that aside to a look at what you’re getting in the HJC 10B. First and foremost is that it will integrate seamlessly into the helmet, and it’ll be a great option if you’re looking for a basic Bluetooth kit that lets you listen to music and talk to your pillion.

So, coming at a recommended retail price of about 140 Euros, or 160 USD, the HJC Smart 10B will be competing with the Cardo Freecom 2+ and the Sena SMH 5 series.


System Specifications

The HJC Bluetooth headset will cover your basic riding needs if you’re just looking to communicate with your perfect companion (your pillion) and listen to music as you ride. In fact, the system was co-developed with Sena based on the SMH 5 system, which had pretty much all the same features.


The Smart HJC10B system runs on Bluetooth 3.0, but it still comes with a total intercom range of 400 meters in open terrain or 0.25 miles in ideal open terrain, which is fair considering the system isn’t quite designed to push the limits of motorcycle communications technology. It’ll let you have two way Bluetooth intercom, you have Bluetooth music playback control with AVRCP play, pause, and track buttons, or you can take calls hands free once you pair it with your phone.

The universal intercom allows pairing to other brands of Bluetooth headsets. For calling you do have advanced noise control and you should get about 8 hours of talk time out of the 10B though as usual this may vary.


It’s also important to mention that this will only fit the new generation of HJC helmets, namely the HJC F70, HJC i90, and the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon, HJC RPHA 11 Carbon, HJC RPHA 90S Carbon, and HJC RPHA 90S. So, not the normal HJC RPHA 11 or HJC RPHA 70, but the HJC RPHA11 Carbon and the HJC RPHA70 Carbon.


System Features

As far as what you’re getting out of the box, HJC have been generous. They give you the system, which is already connected to the battery and the speakers. The system itself uses the standard +, center, and – button layout. Then, you have the option of a wired or a boom mic, and they include the Velcro sticker you’ll need for the wired mic.

You also get additional mic sponges and 2 extra speaker covers for a bit of added comfort. And lastly, you get a micro-USB charger cable alongside an Allen wrench and the two screws you’ll need for the system. Now let’s get to installing.


System Installation

First thing you’ll want to do is remove the interior of the helmet. In this case, we’re using the HJC F70, but the same installation process will hold for the 10B and the 20B systems on other helmets. With the liner out, you can start by removing the helmet’s battery cover with the included Allen wrench. Naturally, you then install the system battery and use both screws provided in the box to secure it in place.

Next, to add the microphone, you connect the two red wires of the microphone and the system with the arrows pointing in the same direction, place the mic, and run the wire through the channels.

Then you can place the right speaker in the helmet. To do that, you need to pay attention to the large plastic tab along the bottom of the speaker. You want to insert this first into the speaker pocket and then gently push the top into place until it clicks.

Next to insert the system. It only comes with a clamp mount, so you’ll need to get it against the helmet shell. As you do this, you also get a small plastic tab that is meant to hold the wires. You insert it slightly behind the system with the wires going into the space between the EPS and the outer shell.

Once the wires are firmly in, you can put the last speaker in. You do this with the same process as the previous speaker. Once these are all in, you can reinsert the liner.

While not plug and play, both HJC and Sena have done a good job in making sure that the system is relatively easy to mount and remove, which leaves no complaints about the installation process.


System Operation

Now, to just run you through some of the basic functions of the system. First off, to power it on or off you just hold the center and plus button at the same time. If you want to adjust the volume, then the plus and minus buttons will also be what you’ll use.

To pair the system to your phone, most Sena users will be familiar with the process. So, you hold the center button for about 12 seconds until you hear the prompt Configuration Menu. You then hit the plus button once and then search for available devices on your phone. And they’ll both connect. With you phone connected, you can now listen to music and take phone calls.

To do that, you press the center button to answer and once you’re done you press the center button for 2 seconds to hang up. The last thing to mention here is how you can enter universal intercom pairing if you want to connect it to a non-HJC system. To do that, you just hold the center button for 8 seconds until you get the universal intercom pairing prompt. And that’s it for the main functions of the system, it’s basic, but that’s all the system is designed to offer, music and talking to a passenger.


HJC 10B vs HJC 20B

Before wrapping up, there are a few differences between the 10B and 20B that are also worth mentioning. They’re mainly that the 20B will be much more advanced not least because it is based on the Sena 20S, but the installation procedure will still be the same as for the 10B. The 20B system offers a longer range of 1.6km, you get an FM radio, you get up to 10 hours of talk time, and you can connect with up to 8 other intercom participants. Another note on the 20B is it comes in two colors, white or black, which is a nice added feature that gives you a chance to customize your system a bit more to match your helmet. However, all these added features do mean that the system comes at a recommended retail price of about 300 Euros, or 340 USD.


If you’d like to see more on the Smart HJC 10B, then don’t forget to check out where we have our lowest price guarantee and you can also find the 10B and 20B at a discount in our HJC helmet bundle deals.



Putting aside the usual gripes with a helmet is built to only take 1 system, the HJC Smart 10B is a decent communicator. It comes at a decent price, you get the basics of music, phone calls, and an intercom, and it all integrates seamlessly into the helmet, which not only makes the installation easier but improves the general safety.


If you’re still curious about the Smart HJC10B features, then make sure to check out our YouTube channel with our Smart HJC 10B Video Review and Installation Guide.

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