Riding Shoes

We all know that every rider wants to look nice while riding their motorbike. People can already choose all kinds of helmets, protective gear, and visors. But when it comes to looking classy and staying safe, you can’t forget about your shoes. Motorcycle Riding Shoes are an essential piece of gear for anyone looking to ride a motorcycle, and, as with everyday shoes, come in a huge array of styles and types. There are some features to pay attention to when looking at shoes.

  1. Budget: Prices for motorcycle shoes can vary widely depending on the type of shoe and the brand. However, some features will remain the same regardless of price. All these riding shoes will go at least to ankle height and will feature some form of tough ankle protection.
  2. Use: Riding shoes are an incredibly broad category and it truly depends on what you want out of your shoes besides basic safety. For example, do you want to take them on tour, ride on the track, or have something to cover your feet during your commute? If you’re planning to hit the track, it’s likely best to choose a sports shoe with a toe slider to let you take sharp corners. However, if you want something casual to let you hop on and off your bike, you can even get a pair of sneakers that have been designed for the job. These are only suggestions and the list goes on.
  3. Features: While you can be sure that these shoes come with a basic level of protection, what and where this armor is varies widely. Even closure systems can vary from shoe to shoe from zippers to laces and pull tabs. Lastly, if you are planning to go touring or use riding shoes for your commute, there are also waterproof riding shoes. So, what features you’re looking for will be best determined by their use.
  4. Material: Most riding shoes are generally made of either leather, textile, or a mix of both. Leather offers the best abrasion resistance, though it also doesn’t offer very strong ventilation on its own. With textiles, it is the opposite, and a mix of the two will sit somewhere in the middle.

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