Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boots

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Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boot Product Description

The Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boots mark the newest iteration of the popular sport-touring motorcycle boot. With its large TPU shin guard and Axial distortion control system, this boot offers excellent protection to sport touring and aggressive sport riders looking for something to wear on the street. Though only some small features have been changed between the previous Dainese Nexus and the dainese Nexus 2 DWP boots, the boot features some great refinements.

In the sport touring category, the Dainese Nexus II D-WP Boots will also be competing with the Dainese Axial D1 Gore-Tex and the Alpinestars Air Plus V2 GTX.


As with their predecessors, the Dainese Nexus 2 DWP boots are made of a mix of D-Stone fabric and microfiber. Though the boot is mainly made of D-Stone, Dainese’s high-tenacity fabric, it is only visible just behind the large shin protector in an area that requires more flexibility. The rest of the boot is coated in TPU and microfiber, which is also an abrasion resistant synthetic material that is lightly water resistant.

The boots include a gear shifter guard and also include the new addition of reflective inserts for better visibility.


For protection, these boots have been able to balance a high level of safety with a slim profile ideal for the street. The toe includes a large TPU replaceable plastic slider and it has nylon reinforcement. The heel has been completely covered in nylon with a large protector on the outside and a small grip on the inside.

To protect the ankle, the boot uses Dainese’s internal Axial distorsion control system to prevent the ankle from twisting or hyperextending. The axial system on the Nexus 2 boots has also been refined for a sleeker profile. Lastly, the boots feature a large TPU shin guard to complete the boot’s safety features.


As with the previous Nexus boots, the Nexus 2 boots will be offering a high level of comfort. The boots feature a large gaitered zipper to make putting the boots on easier. The boots also include two Velcro tabs on either side to let you adjust the shoe to your calf size.

Lastly, the boots are waterproof thanks to their D-WP waterproof membrane and they will be comfortable to walk in thanks to the accordion microfiber panel at the front of the boot.


The Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP offer plenty of refinements over the previous Nexus boot. From their refined axial system to their waterproof liner, these boots offer a great balance of sport and practicality.

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