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Outlander Gore-Tex 5% Champion Cashback on your Order Value!


The Klim Outlander Gore-Tex Boots are coming as Klim’s top of the range for adventure riding footwear engineered for travel focused adventure riders. Blending the features of a protective touring boot and hiking boot, the outlander provides peg support and joint and toe protection on the bike while offering the flexibility and traction of a hiking boot off the bike.

Though the Klim Outlander GTX Boots come only just above the ankle, you’ll still get plenty of protection and comfort. The boot uses D3O armor in addition to a BOA closure system and a Nestfit tehnology.

So, though you’re getting a smaller boot, it will still be close in competition with the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex, Revit Discovery H2O, Revit Scout H2O, and Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex boots.


For material, the Klim Outlander GoreTex boots have been engineered for a wide range of conditions and are made of a mix of leather and textile. Around the toes, there are suede panels with nubuck leather giving the rest of the boot its structure. Between these areas, you have fabric inserts to help keep the shoes cool in the summer.

The rubber soles are tough and thick, with the traction pattern designed for wide range of uses. The toe boxes have received additional rubber coating since they are a high wear area.


For protection, the Klim Outland GTX will still offer more than most casual boots though less than a full adventure boot. In the tongue and the ankle, there is D3O protection. While there is a reinforced rigid toe and heel as well.

Lastly, they come with a large reflective panel in the back to be a bit more flexible.


Lastly, for the boot’s comfort. The boots use a single boa lacing system with open lace guides that shed debris to make putting on and taking off the boot quick and easy.

All you need to do to tighten the shoe is push the dial in and rotate it. It will stay shut due to the micro ratchet system inside. This way, you get light and durable laces that also won’t catch on anything as you ride. To loosen the boot again, you just need to pull up on the dial and the boot will loosen again.

There is also an extra pull tab in the back to help put the boots on.

The boots themselves are going to be comfortable and flexible. Though, like with any pair of hiking boots, you will need to break them in a little bit to make them really comfortable. They have a Gore-Tex liner inside the boot, which as usual is “guaranteed to keep you dry”.

If you look at the profile of the boot from the outside, you can see how Klim have used Nestfit technology for designing these shoes. So, they more accurately and comfortably conform to the shape of your feet.


The Klim Outlander Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots offer a ton of premium features and protection. And, while they won’t do well for more serious off-road riding, they’ll be great for light off roading, hiking, and casual adventure riding.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Klim Outlander Gore-Tex boots, then don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel where we review the latest motorcycle gear and have our Klim Outlander Gore-Tex Boot Video Review.