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Sidi Street Boots

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Sidi Street Boots

Sidi Street Boots

Product description Sport Motorcycle Boots

Protective clothing is essential in motor sports. Motorcycle boots are also part of this protection. The motorcycle boot must provide protection in dangerous situations on the road and it must also provide protection against the weather. You also wear racing boots on the track. Very important are the protection and the other performance properties. For example, winter motorcycle boots have a lining that insulates heat. In summer boots ventilation is very important. They create openings in the leather textile or plastic for ventilation. And when there is wind coming through those openings, it comfortably cools your feet. And then there are the waterproof breathable spring / autumn boots. These can usually also be worn in the summer.

Material Sport Motorcycle Boots

In general, good quality leather is used in combination with textiles. Leather is very durable and textile feels comfortably. With this combination you achieve the best comfort. Furthermore, the boots usually have a membrane lining that is waterproof and windproof or breathable.

Protection Sport Motorcycle Boots

Generally, motorcycle boots have protection at the ankle, heel, shin, toes and sometimes also on the instep. The protective parts can be in different materials, including steel (at the toes and in the sole), hard plastic (at the ankle, heel, shin and toes) or extra thick leather, (that is used at the places where the boot comes into contact with the hot parts of the motorcycle)

Waterproof Sport Motorcycle Boots

Most motorcycle boots are lined with a membrane, this membrane has one of these properties: waterproof, windproof, water-repellent or breathable. And with the higher price categories, that membrane has several of these properties. In fact, the Gore-tex membrane has all 4 properties and is also the most expensive membrane.

Budget Sport Motorcycle Boots

You already have sports or racing motorcycle boots from 150 euros up to around 500 euros.

Closing Sport Motorcycle Boots

The most commonly used closures for motorcycle boots are, laces, zipper, Velcro and buckles (clips that you can move tighter or loosen up).