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Rev'It Emerald Ladies Shoe + 5% Champion Cash Back on your order value!

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Rev'It Emerald Ladies Shoe + 5% Champion Cash Back on your order value!

The Revit Emerald Ladies Shoe is the latest in Revit’s sneaker line-up focused on women riders. With their thermoformed heel, toe, and anatomically shaped foot bed, these women’s shoes are designed for comfort and safety. These motorcycle shoes are made of high-quality full grain soft cowhide, so they will need breaking in. But, once they’ve been worn for a while, you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

The Rev’It Emerald Ladies shoes will also be competing with the Dainese Metropolis, Dainese Street Biker Lady, and the Dainese York riding sneakers.


The Revit Emerald Women’s Shoes are designed to offer maximum protection and comfort in a sneaker form. So, their outer shell is mainly composed of abrasion resistant full grain soft cowhide.

The tongue of the shoe is also made of full grain cowhide leather. Full grain cowhide is a high-quality leather that offers a high durability and (once broken in) comfort. The toe and heel are reinforced with nubuck leather. Lastly, there is a reflective panel in the back of the shoe for added visibility.


Just because the Revit Emerald Ladies Motorcycle Shoe is comfortable, doesn’t mean it won’t provide the necessary level of protection. To reinforce the major impact areas of the shoe, the Revit Emerald sneakers include a thermoformed heel and toe cup. This means that these areas will be well protected, but there won't be any uncomfortable protrusions.

Lastly, the shoe also includes an injected ankle cup for additional safety.


Though the shoes are not waterproof, their leather construction and the gusseted tongue will help with keeping out water, debris, and wind. Additionally, they will be comfortable thanks to both their anatomically shaped foot bed and heel support for proper posture of the foot.

The shoes are closed using normal laces and they are also lined with a soft mesh liner.


The Revit Emerald Shoes offer much needed protection to an often-underserved area of the market. With these stylish shoes, you can easily jump on or off your bike while riding through the city or while out touring. With their full grain leather construction, reinforced heel, toe, and anatomically shaped ankle cup, these shoes will provide plenty of protection.