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Dainese Metropolis Shoes Grey Fluo Red

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Dainese Metropolis Shoes Grey Fluo Red

The Dainese Metropolis should appeal to those who are willing to give up protection for comfort and convenience. Riders who simply want to be able to hop on their bike, pop down to the market, and walk around without being encumbered by large heavy boots yet not take the risk of ordinary sneakers.

The first thing to note when looking at the DaineseMetropolis is it almost looks more like a skate shoe than a riding boot. Though this does mean you lack the same protection you get from those full-length riding boots. But what you lose in protection you gain in comfort, and also the ability to walk around without looking a tad bit ridiculous. These boots are going to cost about 170 USD recommended retail value for the non-waterproof version, or 190 USD for the waterproof variant and they will compete with the Revit Arrow, Revit Jefferson, and Revit Taylor shoes.


The boots are made of suede and canvas, adding to their casual appearance, and have an internal, breathable mesh liner. The waterproof D-wp variant, which is the one I have in front me, has a waterproof lining that begins just below the mesh, and should do a good job keeping your feet dry while sacrificing a little bit of breathability compared to the non-waterproof version. However, both boots are very breathable, and should do a good job keeping your feet cool.


Though this shoe is focused on comfort, there is still some protection. First off, there is some stiffener in the sole and heel, which feels stiff out of the box, but will break in quickly. Though it should stay stiffer and provide a bit more protection than your average boot or shoe. The toe is not hardened, which would have been a nice added bit of protection, but it does have a double layer of suede over the toe where your boot meets the shifter. The Dainese Metropolis also offers puck shaped protectors on the ankles. These should provide some protection for your ankles in the event of a crash while still maintaining comfort thanks to the cushioning surrounding them.


For comfort, these shoes come with an additional zipper down the side to make slipping into them all the easier. In addition to the zipper, the Metropolis also has laces, though it’s important to take care they don’t catch on anything while riding. The last thing to point out is the small reflective insert on the back of the boot, and it’s never bad to have something that makes you a little more noticeable at night.


Overall, the Dainese Metropolis is a pretty good boot for the casual rider who is willing to sacrifice safety for convenience and comfort. It provides more protection than your standard footwear, it is breathable, and—if you are willing to spend a little bit more—it is waterproof. If you’d still like to learn more about this shoe, make sure to check out our YouTube channel and watch our Dainese Metropolis Sneaker Review.


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