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Alpinestar GP Pro R2

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Alpinestar GP Pro R2

Alpinestar GP Pro R2

Product description Alpinestars GP Pro R2

The Alpinestars GP Pro R2 can be used both on track and on the road. It is an extremely safe glove that is surprisingly comfortable. The pre-shaped fingers prevent fatigue of the hand. The Alpinestars GP Pro R2 gloves are made of materials of very high quality. These race motorcycle gloves are together with the Alpinestars GP Tech and Alpinestars Supertech among the top racing gloves.

Material Alpinestars GP Pro R2

The Alpinestars GP Pro R2 are made of cowhide leather in combination with Kangaroo leather and goat leather on the palm. Under the Dynamic Friction Shield on the knuckles is 3D foam for impact absorption. The TPU on the palm, fingers and wrist provide the necessary protection in the event of a fall. The lining is reinforced with Kevlar fibers on several parts.

Protection Alpinestars GP Pro R2

The TPU inserts on the fingers, palm and wrist provide optimal protection. The Dynamic friction shield, with the double density in combination with 3D foam on the inside, ensures the ultimate protection of the hand when it comes into contact with the asphalt. The Kevlar fiber lining prevents tearing. The bridge between ring finger and little finger has been developed by Alpinestars to prevent twisting or fractures. These gloves are provided with excellent protection and are therefore CE category 2 certified.

Comfort Alpinestars GP Pro R2

At the Alpinestars GP Pro R2 the seams are directed outwards which feels extremely comfortable and gives a better fit. This motorcycle glove has several air intakes and air outlets that provide a comfortable cooling while driving. The Velcro flap and adjustable Velcro strap give a very good fit. The accordion stretch parts and stretch panel on the palm contribute to a good fit and plenty of freedom of movement.

Other Alpinestars GP Pro R2

By using different types of leather the glove is very comfortable and gives more feeling with the motor. The logos are printed to save on weight.