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Revit Xena 3 Ladies

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Type Bike
Xena 3 Ladies Gloves Black Grey
EUR 139,99
Xena 3 Ladies Gloves Black White
EUR 139,99

Revit Xena 3 Ladies

Revit Xena 3 women's gloves review

The Revit Xena 3 racing gloves are made to give you optimal freedom and movement while driving and match the Xena 3, 1-piece racing suit or Xena 3 racing jacket and Xena 3 pants set. The gloves are available in 2 different colors from size XS to XL for a sales price of 140 euros. As such, they’ll be competing with the Dainese Full Metal 6, Alpinestars Supertech, Alpinestars GP Tech, and the Alpinestars GP Pro R3 gloves, and the Dainese Carbon 3 Gloves.


The Revit Xena III gloves are made entirely of different types of leather, with goat leather on the bottom, cowhide leather on the fingers and synthetic leather on the wrist and on the middle of the fingers. This leather is soft and comfortable and offers durability in the event of a crash.


For protection, the Revit Xena Three gloves don’t just give you the abrasive resistance of leather, but some nice hard protection too. You’ve got hard protection over the knuckles, which offer impact resistance and increased wear resistance. The knuckles have some vents in the plastic, which should really help with ventilation, since leather can get hot quickly. These gloves also have a thermoplastic polyurethane wrist protector, which is new, and a small pad on the outside of the palm. This glove is also giving you some more padding on the thumb compared to the Revit Xena 2s.


For comfort, this glove does really well. The Revit Xena3 motorcycle gloves hvae a nice strapping system that should really give you the kind of fit you want while keeping you in the glove. You’ve got some nice perforated leather along the wrist and the strap’s liner is made of 3D mesh liner, which’ll give you some ventilation. We’ve also got these stretch panels in the fingers, which’ll really help with giving you a full range of motion.


The Revit Xena 3s are a nice pair of gloves, which will give you a very nice and sporty racetrack look. You’re getting some good protection and great comfort, as well as just a really stylish glove.