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AGV Pista GP R Helmet

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Type Bike
Pista GP R Tricolore Mugello 2018 Helmet
EUR 1.500,00 EUR 899,00
Pista GP R Winter Test 2018 Rossi Helmet - Limited Edition
EUR 1.500,00 EUR 1.199,90
Race 3 Visor (Pista GP-R / Corsa-R Visor)
EUR 89,99
Pista GP R Project 46 3.0 Helmet
EUR 1.500,00 EUR 1.124,95
AGV Pista GP R Misano 2016 Rossi Helmet - Blues Brothers
EUR 1.500,00 EUR 1.249,00

AGV Pista GP R Helmet

AGV Pista GP R Carbon Full-Face Helmet + Free Visor

Model Description AGV Pista GP R

The Pista GP R is the successor of the Legendary Pista GP. With this fully carbon fiber helmet you show that you only settle for the best, the cream of the crop under the helmets! It says enough that Valentino Rossi himself rides with exactly this helmet. The Shell consists entirely of carbon. A super-light and extremely strong helmet. It is the safest helmet available. It also has improved aerodynamics by, among other things, the Biplano rear spoiler. This results in the spoiler ensuring that the helmet remains stable at top speeds and it does not interfere with your racing suit. This helmet has an integrated hydration system (which you can easily remove), so you can drink while driving, should it be necessary. This helmet is suitable for both high speeds during track days as well as street use.

Safety AGV Pista GP R

AGV claims that the Pista GP R is the safest helmet on the market. The helmet shell consists entirely of Carbon composite fiber, weighs 1350 grams and has 4 different Shell sizes. The inner lining can be easily and quickly detached from the helmet shell in case of emergency, thanks to the Safety Release System. The visor is very strong with a thickness of almost 5mm and has a huge field of view, which leads to good protection and safety.

Ventilation AGV Pista GP R

The pista GP R is equipped with an IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) consisting of 5 Moto GP metal air inlets and 2 air outlets. The air inlets at the top are positioned in such a way that the highest achievable air intake takes place. And that creates more air pressure on the rear air outlets. This airflow in the helmet ensures pleasant cooling. The ventilation of the Pista GP R is wind tunnel tested, resulting in an unprecedented airflow.

Acoustics AGV Pista GP R

The only small minus that we could find is the sound insulation. But remember that it is a sports helmet designed for high-performance use. The helmet comes standard with earplugs to directly lift this minus.

Visor AGV Pista GP R

The Pista GP R comes with a Class 1 visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock. This visor prevents distortion of the vision. It comes with Race 3 Max Pinlock®. The visor has a field of view of 190 degrees horizontally and 85 degrees vertically. The visor comes with an improved locking system which is smaller than the old visor lock and it prevents unwanted opening. The visor has two positions. First position is for in the city, the visor is not completely closed and ensures excellent airflow. The second position is completely closed, meant for higher speeds. The visor can easily be replaced without any tools.

Lining AGV Pista GP R

The inner lining (cheek pads and top liner) of the Pista GP R is comfortable and soft. It is breathable, moisture regulating, antibacterial and mainly seamless. Furthermore, the lining is removable and washable. The thickness of the lining can be adjusted for optimal fit.

Features AGV Pista GP R

Helmet Type: Full-face Helmet

shell material: Carbon

Exterior visor: Class 1 visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock supplied with Race 3 Max Pinlock®.

Closure: very strong Double D Closure

Inner lining: removable, washable, moisturizing, antibacterial, breathable, soft and comfortable

Helmet shell: available in 4 sizes

Ventilation: completely renewed IVS ventilation with 5 air vents in front and 2 at the back. The pista gp r ECE22.05 certified