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Type Bike
SZ-R VAS Frost Helmet Black
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SZ-R VAS Diamond Helmet White
EUR 599,00 EUR 569,00

Buy Arai SZ-R VAS Jet Helmet? Free & Fast Shipping!

Arai SZ-R VAS 

The Arai SZ-R VAS is the latest open face helmet from Arai. It is a jet helmet from the top segment of Arai. Besides extreme safety, this helmet also offers optimal fit and comfort. The helmet has been renewed with a VAS design. The pivot point of the visor is lowered in order to extend the smooth helmet shell surface. This ensures that there is more chance of glancing off of an impact. The ventilation has been upgraded with better ventilation channels and larger, adjustable control buttons. This helmet is prepared for a Pro Shade external sun visor. The interior has also been renewed. It is antibacterial with a neutral acidity level that is close to the acidity of the human skin. Furthermore, this interior is prepared for the speakers of a communication system, without affecting comfort or fit.

Competitors Arai SZ-R VAS

A competitor of the Arai SZ-R VAS is the Schuberth M1 Pro. This is also a premium jet helmet with a light DFP (Direct Fibre Processing) fiberglass shell. It has excellent ventilation, an integrated sun visor and is prepared for the communication system with pre-installed microphone and speaker. The recommended retail price for the M1 Pro starts from € 439.95. Shoei J-Cruise 2 is also a competitor of the Arai SZ-R VAS. This is also a premium jet helmet with an AIM shell in 3 different sizes. This helmet also has an internal sun visor and is prepared for the SENA SRL-2 communication system. The Shoei J-Cruise has a recommended retail price starting at € 426.55. These helmets are available at Champion Helmets for an excellent price. For an extra discount you can subscribe to our newsletter or Youtube channel and directly receive a free 1000 points Champion Cash worth of € 10,-. Found it cheaper somewhere else? Pass it on to us and we will price match and even try to beat the price.

Safety Arai SZ-R VAS

As we can expect from Arai, they leave nothing to chance, concerning safety. The special helmet shell is composed of the Super Fibres Laminates from Arai. In between, they have a special fibre mat for reinforcement, without adding significant weight. Due to the round shape and larger smooth surface, the ability of glancing off energy is increased, making the helmet safer. The inner shell of the helmet consists of EPS with different densities, for optimal shock absorption. The helmet is equipped with a Patented Air Wing that contributes to the aerodynamics and stability of the helmet at high speeds. This spoiler also counteracts noise and turbulence. The SZ-R VAS has a double D-closure, the best available at the moment. Furthermore, the helmet is ECE-22.05 certified.

Ventilation Arai SZ-R VAS

The SZ-R VAS has optimum ventilation, with the top ventilation being copied from the flagship of Arai, the RX-7V. This Top vent allows 11% more air in, than with the previous model. The large three-position control button makes it easy and simple to operate the air vent, even with gloves on. Despite the optimal airflow, they managed to isolate sound quite well in the helmet. They have done this by placing foam in the air ducts on the sides of the helmet, among other things.

Visor Arai SZ-R VAS

The SZ-R VAS has a long clear visor with an extremely wide view. The visor can easily and quickly be exchanged, without the use of tools. Furthermore, the visor is prepared for a Pinlock anti-fog lens and you have the option to fit a Pro Shade visor on this helmet. This is an external sun visor, ideal for when the sun is low. If you find the helmet more beautiful without the Pro Shade visor, then you can just put on sunglasses, since the lining is suitable for riders with glasses.

Lining Arai SZ-R VAS

The new lining is completely removable, washable and antibacterial. It is suitable for riders with glasses because there is a removable part of the lining for the arms of the glasses. This offers optimum comfort to eyeglass wearers among us. You can also adjust the different lining parts to your personal preference. You can remove a 5mm layer from the cheek-and temple pads for a looser fit.

Properties Arai SZ-R VAS

Helmet Type: Jet helmet
Shell Material: PB-clc2 (Arai's Glass Fibres Laminates)
Visor: Long clear visor prepared for Pinlock anti-fog lens.
Closure: Double-D closure
Inner lining: Removable, washable, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly
Helmet shell: Outer shell comes in several sizes for a compact fit.
Ventilation: Renewed and improved ventilation at the top
Certification: ECE-22.05