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Arai Urban-V Helmet

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Type Bike
Urban-V Frost Black Helmet
EUR 399,00
Urban-V Modern Helmet Grey
EUR 399,00
Urban-V Frost Gun Metallic Frost Helmet
EUR 399,00
Freeway Peak
EUR 61,00

Arai Urban-V Helmet


The Arai Urban-V Open-Face helmet is the new retro style helmet from Arai. Next to that other open-face helmet - the Arai Freeway - it looks like we’re mainly getting some stylistic and material changes. While we have broadly the same style, this helmet is still very Arai, being handmade and of high quality. This will also still give you that nice retro look. With a recommended retail price of about 400 euros, or approximately 470 US dollars, let’s take a look.


The shell of the Urban-V is made of Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction. This is Arai’s strong Fiberglass material, layered for extra protection, but there is also a belt to help reinforce the helmet further. This belt is one of the big changes over the Classic-V. However, with this extra sturdiness, the helmet comes in at about 1080 grams in a size M. The helmet comes in 1 shell size.


For ventilation, this helmet is already partway there, since it’s open face. But to help keep the rest of your head cool, we’ve got three hidden vents in the forehead feeding directly to the helmet’s EPS grooves and back out through two exhausts in the back. Which will give some really good cooling when you´re riding.


The helmet doesn’t have a visor so we can’t really talk about that. But, we can go a bit more into detail on the helmet’s interior. Before we take a closer look, one nice feature on this helmet is that it comes with a multi-density EPS interior, which will help improve the helmet’s performance in different types of impacts, both high and low speeds. This helmet will also give you good protection due to its round shape, which will help glance off any impact. Though this is assuming only the helmet is hit, since this is open-face helmet and won´t give you as much protection as a full-face helmet. This helmet has a double D-ring chinstrap and you’ve got a button down rear strap for goggles, which is a nice feature. Taking a closer look, we’ve got stitched faux-leather, so artificial, trim for the interior. The interior is washable and of the same high quality stuff Arai always delivers.

Just a last note on the Urban-V. The helmet is E-2205 certified. And, in terms of noise isolation, this helmet probably won’t be that great, but this isn’t what an open face helmet is really designed for. But we do have these 5 snaps here, so you can always add a face shield or visor later on.