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Buy HJC RPHA-90 S Carbon Helmet? Free Additional Visor!

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RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet
EUR 599,95 EUR 537,52
RPHA 90S Carbon Glossy Black Helmet
EUR 599,95 EUR 503,92
RPHA 90S Carbon Luve MC5SF Helmet
EUR 639,90

Buy HJC RPHA-90 S Carbon Helmet? Free Additional Visor!

The HJC RPHA 90S Carbon is the ultimate modular helmet for fans HJC RPHA 90, successor to the  HJC MAX Evo. The HJC RPHA-90S Carbon is a top modular helmet that offers maximum safety, optimal comfort, and all in an even more light and compact package. It is one of the most compact modular helmets in the world. The helmet has a helmet shell made of the super strong lightweight material carbon fiber, but it’s also available in a P.I.M Plus version. This helmet includes HJC’s Multicool 3D inner lining that reduces noise and has a super comfortable touch.

The helmet is suitable for people wearing glasses and is prepared for a communication system. The helmet has an internal sun visor over the entire field of view. The ventilation openings are adjustable, which in turn contributes to noise reduction. The competition of the HJC R PHA 90S are the Shoei Neotec II, Schuberth C4 Pro, Nolan N100 5 Plus, X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon, and the Shark Evo One 2. The HJC RPHA90S Carbon is probably the helmet with the best price-quality ratio today. You get a lot of extras for this price point, and the RPHA 90S Carbon does close the gap between itself and the Schuberth C4Pro and Shoei Neotec 2 in the fields of ventilation and sound insulation.

Material HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

The helmet shell is made of carbon fiber, as mentioned above. This results in a super strong, lightweight shell, and has enhanced shock resistant qualities. This helmet also even comes in 3 shell sizes. The internal sun visor also contributes to an excellent view on a sunny day. The improved micro buckle locking system is made of stainless steel.

Ventilation HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

The HJC RPHA90 S Carbon has 2 air intakes. One on the chin bar and one on the crown of the helmet. There is an adjustable exhaust on the back of the helmet. The air inlets are both lockable and glove friendly. The cool air enters through the air inlets, then circulates through the helmet into the internal air ducts and is discharged as warm air through the exhaust. Though this helmet only has two vents, they still generate a strong air flow.

Acoustics HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

The biggest helmet brand in the world has further developed this helmet in their own wind tunnel. The improved aerodynamics, compact dimensions and lockable air inlets ensure less noise pollution. The improved 3D lining contributes to noise reduction.

Visor HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

The visor of the HJC RPHA 90 S Carbon is the HJ-29. The extra wide field of vision of the visor offers an excellent level of peripheral vision. The helmet has an internal sun visor. The Max vision pinlock visor reduces condensation. The Rapidfire visor mechanism makes it possible to replace the visor without tools.

Lining HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

The Multicool 3D liner is a big improvement on its predecessor. It is removable, washable, anti-bacterial, breathable, is moisture wicking, and has a special spectacle channel. This material absorbs moisture very well and dries much faster than the previous lining. It feels fresh and very comfortable. Furthermore, the helmet is prepared for the SMART HJC Bluetooth communication system.

Features HJC RPHA-90S Carbon

Helmet Type: Modular Helmet

Material of the shell: P.I.M.(Premium Integrated Matrix) Plus, which consists of Fiberglass, Aramid and Carbon

Helmet shell: Available in 2 sizes

Visor: Max Vision, anti-fog and anti-scratch visor and there is an internal sun visor as well.

Weight : Approximately 1500 grams in size M

Closure: Improved Stainless Steel quick fastener

Lining: Removable, washable, anti-bacterial, breathable and has a spectacle channel

Ventilation: 2 Lockable air inlets and 1 operable exhaust

Approval: ECE 22.05

Extra: The helmet is prepared for a communication system