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ROOF Boxxer Carbon

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Type Bike
Boxxer Carbon Helmet Matt Black
EUR 529,95 EUR 450,36
Boxxer Carbon Black
EUR 529,95 EUR 450,36
Boxxer Carbon Modular Helmet Red
EUR 529,95 EUR 450,36
Boxxer Carbon Helmet Uni Silver
EUR 529,00 EUR 450,36

ROOF Boxxer Carbon

Product description Roof Boxxer Carbon

The Roof Boxxer Carbon is the successor to the very popular Roof Boxer V8. The modular helmet that also looks great when the chin part is folded open. The Boxxer is somewhat smaller and rounder compared to its predecessor. The design has retained its most important characteristics, but at the same time a lot of improvements have been made with regard to the predecessor. The weight has been reduced from 1650 to 1550 grams by using a mix of fiberglass and carbon. The locking mechanism at the chin is greatly improved. It can be operated automatically on both sides and it closes much smoother and firmer than with the predecessor. Another nice improvement is that the visor has a silicone seal that is waterproof. The excellent ventilation in the helmet ensures a pleasant and comfortable feeling. The renewed inner lining prevents noise and wind noise and comes with extra pads to adapt the fit to the head. The chin strap of the closure is attached to the helmet at 4 points. That makes the helmet more stable on your head. The helmet is suitable for people wearing glasses. The counterparts of the Roof Boxxer Carbon are the HJC RPHA-90 and the Shark EVO One 2 and to a lesser extent because of the higher price point the AGV Sportmodular, Shoei Neotec II, Schuberth C4.

Safety Roof Boxxer Carbon

The Roof Boxxer Carbon is E22-05 certified in both opened and closed position of the chin piece. The outer shell is made of very strong and lightweight material, which consists of a mix of fiberglass and carbon. The inner shell consists of EPS foam with double density for optimal impact absorption. The closure of the helmet is a micro quick release.

Ventilation Roof Boxxer Carbon

On the chin is 1 lockable air inlet with 6 different positions. On top of the helmet is a lockable Venturi ventilation. This is also used in bicycle helmets. This ventilation ensures that you experience a pleasant feeling in the helmet even during hot summer days. On the back of the helmet there is a large air outlet.

Noise Insulation Roof Boxxer Carbon

At Roof, they have done their best to make the helmet quieter and they succeeded very well. Because the visor is better connected to the chin piece and closer up to the outer shell, it hardly allows any wind noise in. The inner lining is specially designed to allow as little noise in as possible.

Visor Roof Boxxer Carbon

The roof boxxer carbon visor is scratch-proof, anti-fog and can be operated separately from the chin. The visor offers a very wide field of view. This helmet comes standard with a tinted visor. Furthermore, there are additional visor colors available.

Lining Roof Boxxer Carbon

The lining of the Roof Boxxer Carbon has been renewed. The lining works sound-absorbing. It is removable and washable. The lining comes with interchangeable pads to make the helmet more rounded or oval depending on the shape of your head. The cheek pads are available in 4 thicknesses. The lining feels very comfortable and is an improvement over its predecessor.

Features Roof Boxxer Carbon

Helmet Type: System helmet
Shell material: Mix of fiberglass and carbon
Visor: Scratch-resistant and anti-fog

Weight: 1550 grams
Closure: micro quick release
Lining: Removable and washable
Ventilation: Air inlet on the chin and on top of the helmet. Air outlet on the back of the helmet
Certified: E22-05 + ECE J (as a helmet and as an integral helmet)
Extra: The helmet comes in 7 different sizes.