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Roof RO 200 Carbon Helmet

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Type Bike
RO 200 Carbon Glossy Black Helmet
EUR 699,99
RO 200 Carbon Panther black Fluo green Helmet
EUR 699,99
RO 200 Carbon Speeder Red Silver Helmet
EUR 699,99
EUR 60,00

Roof RO 200 Carbon Helmet

The ROOF RO200 Carbon Full-Face Helmet is the new carbon Racing Helmet from the French company Roof of Claude Morin. With its 1090 grams, it is the world's lightest Multicomposite full-face helmet. You can get this for 700 euros at its recommended retail price, or around 760 USD, and it currently comes in 3 different colors. Make sure to watch the road test of the Roof RO-200 helmet later. The Roof RO 200 Racing helmet will compete against other high-end racing helmets such as the AGV Pista GP RR, Shoei X-Spirit 3, Shark Race-R Pro GP, HJC RPHA-11 Carbon and the X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon.


The Shell is made of Carbon which gives good protection. The shape of the shell ensures good aerodynamics at speed, but the shell comes in only 2 different shell sizes, which is a bit disappointing for what is meant to be a high end helmet. It is the only helmet in this segment from a top brand that produces such an expensive helmet in just 2 shell sizes. The helmet stays on your head using a double d-ring enclosure system.


When we look at the Roof RO200 visor it has a very wide horizontal field of view of 210 degrees and comes standard with a MaxVision 120 clear Pinlock lens and an extra Dark Smoke / 100% Solar visor. So we can say that the visor and the pinlock are pretty much the best available specs. The visor is easy to remove and put back with the help of a button on the side. To remove the visor you use the included tool to push the button in while pulling the visor out. To Reinsert it, you simply push it back in and you should hear it snap into place. They are quite proud at Roof about their visor mechanism, but some may find it inconvenient.


For ventilation we have 2 patented chin vents. The lower provides ventilation to the face and the upper opening either provides airflow into the helmet or directly onto the visor in order to ensure that the visor does not fog up. These two settings are controlled using this lever on the inside of the visor. If you have let the lever down, it provides extra ventilation in the face, if it is up air will blow onto the visor. Above you see 2 more ventilation openings and all this air is pushed out through the rear spoiler.


If we look at the lining the first thing we see are emergency quick release cheek pads, a great safety feature to have. The lining is ventilating, anti-bacterial and quick-drying. It is also prepared for people with glasses so that the glasses do not press against your head while riding which can give an unpleasant feeling so it is nice that Roof has taken this into account. And the lining is also removable and washable. You will see the result of the ventilation in our Roof RO200 Riding Test Video.