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Schuberth C4 Basic

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C4 Basic Helmet Silver
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C4 Basic Helmet Matt Black
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C4 Basic Helmet Glossy White
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Schuberth C4 Basic

Product description Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

Schuberth has released the successor to the Schuberth C4, the schuberth C4 Basic. At first sight the C4 Basic doesn’t show any changes or improvement compared to the C4. But nothing is less true. This modular helmet has been improved on many points, some of which had caused problems with the C4. As far as safety is concerned, the C4 was already a high quality helmet and they kept it that way with the C4 Basic. In terms of ease of use and comfort, some things have been improved. The lining has been changed to velvet-like material, which feels great. It will caress your face. At Schuberth, they have taken feedback from their riders very seriously in developing the C4 Basic. The competitor of this helmet are the Shoei Neotec 2 and the AGV Sportmodular

Safety Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

The safety of the C4 Basic is of a high level, as we can expect, from experience with the C4. The shell was created using Schuberth's DFP (Direct Fiber Processing) technology. With this technology the helmet shell is produced in 3 different sizes. The shell is shock-resistant, durable and consists largely of fiberglass. The EPS inner shell consists of multiple densities of EPS. This gives optimal impact absorption. The improvement here is that the inside shape is now rounder compared to the predecessor that is  more oval. The big advantage is that the material used leads to a super lightweight helmet, especially for a modular helmet.

Noise insulation Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

Modular helmets are known for being noisy. The schuberth C4 Basic is the exception to the rule here. It is one of the quietest modular helmets out there, if it is not the quietest. It has been extensively tested in schuberth’s wind tunnels and it has perfect aerodynamics which contributes a lot to the stability and silence in the helmet.

Ventilation Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

The ventilation in the C4 was already exceptionally good, but the closing mechanism left something to be desired. They have taken a good look at this issue at Schuberth and they have come with a new closure in the chin part and on top of the helmet. These closures on the C4 Basic are stronger and more stable than with the predecessor. The air inlets on the chin and on top of the helmet can be operated with glove friendly push buttons on the chin and a slide on top of the helmet.

Visor Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

The Schuberth C4 Basic visor has a wide field of vision. The pinlock visor is scratch-resistant and anti-fog. With the C4, the Schuberth house brand pinlock sometimes caused problems. With the Schuberth C4 Basic they switched to the original Pinlock © lens to prevent the problems that their own version of the pinlock gave with the predecessor.

Lining Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

The renewed lining of the Schuberth C4 Basic is not only very comfortable and soft but also a treat for the eye. Probably this is still one of the biggest improvements compared to the old C4. The beautiful soft lining is removable and washable. It certainly also contributes to noise reduction in the helmet. The lining quickly absorbs moisture and also dries quickly.

Features Schuberth C4 Basic Helmet

Helmet type: Modular helmet
Helmet material: DFP Fiberglass
Inner shell: More layers of foam that consist of different densities that give extreme impact absorption
Lining: Velvet-like material that is removable and washable
Closure: AROS anti-roll chin strap system
Ventilation: Extended ventilation system with multiple air ducts
Visor: Anti-fog and anti-scratch pinlock visor with extremely wide field of view