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Shoei Ex-Zero Helmet - Free Shipping!

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Ex-Zero Equation TC-2 Helmet
EUR 459,00
Ex-Zero Matt Black Helmet
EUR 399,00
Ex-Zero Grey Helmet
EUR 399,00
Ex-Zero Off White Helmet
EUR 399,00
Ex-Zero Black Helmet
EUR 399,00
Ex-Zero Red Helmet
EUR 399,00
Ex-Zero Yellow Helmet
EUR 399,00

Shoei Ex-Zero Helmet - Free Shipping!

Product description Shoei Ex-Zero

With the development of the Ex zero helmet, Shoei combined the 80s look with the technology of today. The Ex zero helmet is based on the 'Ex' line of Shoei from the 80s and is inspired by the Shoei J.O jet helmet. The Ex Zero Full face helmet is a combination of an open face helmet and an off-road helmet. This Ex Zero has much in common with the shoei J.O Jet helmet, but with a rough chin piece. The Ex zero comes in 3 different sizes of the outer shell. This gives the helmet a more compact fit. Furthermore, the Ex Zero has an integrated CJ-3 visor, which is adjustable in 3 positions. Incidentally, you can fully open the visor and you can choose to wear cross goggles. To give the helmet more of an off-road look, you can extend the helmet with a V-480 peak that you attach to the helmet with the help of pressure buttons. Other popular Vintage helmets of this time are the AGV X3000 and the AGV X70.

Safety Shoei Ex-Zero

Shoei used the AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) technology in which multiple layers of glass fiber and composite fibers are combined to achieve optimal stiffness and impact absorption of the scale. Furthermore, this material is ultra lightweight. The helmet weighs about 1150 grams. The closure is the most secure double-D closure available at the moment. Furthermore, the lining of this helmet has an EQRSY (Emergency Quick Release System) that makes it possible to quickly and easily remove the cheek pads while you are wearing the helmet. The EPS inner shell has different densities, which enable optimal impact absorption.

Ventilation Shoei Ex-Zero

The Shoei Ex Zero has 6 ventilation openings on the chin section and more importantly, is that this helmet is not completely closed in the face area. The visor does not exactly fit on the chin piece to close it off, so it allows enough cool air to come in. This is also the case when you choose to wear cross goggles. The disadvantage is that the helmet is obviously less suitable for bad weather.

Visor Shoei Ex-Zero

As mentioned above, the Ex Zero is equipped with an integrated CJ-3 visor. This visor is adjustable to 3 different positions. It is easy to operate and it can be quickly and easily removed or changed. The Ex Zero comes standard with a clear visor. Furthermore, the visor is available in the following colors: dark, yellow, gold and silver.

Lining Shoei Ex-Zero

The lining is removable and washable. It feels wonderfully comfortable. It quickly absorbs moisture and it also dries quickly. The different sizes of cheek pads fit in all  the different sizes of the helmet. You can go for a tight, standard or loose fit, depending on your personal preference. Optionally, The different sizes of the inner lining can be ordered separately.

Features Shoei Ex-Zero

Type of helmet: Full-face helmet
Material of the shell:
Fiberglass composite
Helmet visor:
Is adjustable depending on the position of the nose of the rider.
Double-D closure
Inner lining:
Removable, washable, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly
Helmet shell:
comes in 3 sizes

Ventilation: 6 ventilation openings in the chin and the visor does not connect to the chin and thus allows enough cool air.