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Buy Revit Meridian Ladies Jacket Black White? Free Shipping!

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Revit Buy Revit Meridian Ladies Jacket Black White? Free Shipping!
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Buy Revit Meridian Ladies Jacket Black White? Free Shipping!

Revit Meridian Jacket

The Revit Meridian is the 2020 successor to the Revit Prometheus jacket. So, it’s pretty much back by popular demand. This is a nice jacket made of buffalo leather and is meant for urban riding. It comes in a variety of colors, including black and a more modish cream, yellow, and olive grey and fits Revit sizes 34 to 44. Coming in at a recommended retail price of nearly 350 euros, or approximately 390 US dollars, this jacket will compete with the Dainese Mike 2, the Alpinestars Dyno V2, and the Dainese Super Rider D-Dry jacket.


The fact that the Rev’It Meridian is buffalo leather should give it a lot of the same properties as cowhide. The main differences are the leather grain is a bit more pronounced and it may be a little bit stiffer. But it does still feel like good leather and is nicely pliable. The stitching of the jacket looks good and helps add a nice bit of depth to the jacket. You also get two zippered pockets on either side of the outside. The Meridian is done up with a zipper with a rivet at the collar to help close the jacket. What’s nice about the collar is you do get a bit of an option, since you have to rivets to choose from when fastening the jacket.


For protection, the Rev’ItMeridian gives you the same protection as the Prometheus and all without compromising the jacket’s sporty silhouette. On the Meridian, we’ve got CE-rated SEESMART hard protection in the shoulder and elbow to help protect you from the road. The buffalo leather should also offer a bit of abrasion resistance. We’ve also got some reinforcement on the inside underneath the collar and in the jacket’s cuffs. This jacket does come prepared for Revit’s SEESOFT CE-Level 2 back protector, though this does need to be purchased separately, but is always a good idea. The jacket also has a removable zipper that you can use to attach any pair of Revit riding pants for added safety.


For the RevitMeridian’s interior, you’ll notice that the jacket comes with a removable body warmer. The warmer is quilted and made of soft material. You’re also getting a liner pocket on the inside, done up with a zipper. You’ve also got some reinforcement along all of the jacket’s edges. But, if the jacket’s getting to be a bit hot, then you can easily remove the liner with a zipper. Taking out the warmer, you can also see the interior is made of mesh, which should help keep you nice and cool.


For adjustability, this jacket does well for a leather jacket. You do get the two-rivet option in the collar, which’ll help you get a nice fit up there. You also have zippers along the sleeves, which should help open them up a little bit, if need be. And lastly, the waist can be fitted to your form using two rivets, just like with the collar. So, though this doesn’t give you a great deal of options, it does give you some.

Overall, the Meridian is a good jacket for urban riding. It looks stylish, it’s comfortable, and it’ll give you some protection while on your bike. It should also keep you warm if you’re riding it in any colder season.

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