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Dainese Smart

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Smart Jacket Black Fluo Yellow
EUR 599,95
Smart Jacket Lady Black Fluo Yellow
EUR 599,95

Dainese Smart

Dainese Smart


The Dainese Smart jacket is the next step in protective gear from Dainese, protecting you from the road, vehicles, and rear end collisions with. This motorcycle jacket is less of a jacket and more of a vest, though it still deploys airbags that could save your life in a crash.

The Smart part of this jacket is the computer system which uses an accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS to detect when you’re in trouble, and deploy. Looking at what all this equipment will run you, we get a Recommended Retail Price of 600 Euros or about 700 USD, so this is a high-end system.


The Dainese Smart Vest is designed to fit over any jacket and can be worn by men and women. It doesn’t have to be Dainese and if you have a jacket, this will go over it.

The airbag system can also be worn underneath, but you need enough room for the airbags to deploy. That is important, otherwise it won’t work properly. Plus, underneath the jacket, it acts a bit like a body warmer, although it is a breathable fabric. So, if you’re hot, wearing this outside your jacket is probably a better option.

The material itself is going to be anti-abrasion and tear resistant, so it will offer you some protection there.


The fabric of the Dainese Smart Airbag is also going to be stretchy; you can adjust it at your waist, and it comes with 3 external pockets. The jacket is water repellent but not waterproof, though it is more of a vest anyway so if staying dry is your concern, maybe focus on your jacket. The jacket also can be folded small for storage and can even fit in your top box.


This system uses the Dainese D Air airbag technology, so it is similar to what they have made for the Moto GP.

When the system detects a crash and needs to deploy, you’ll get airbags activating on the chest and at the back. On your chest, you are getting Airbag CE level 2 protection, and this certification is held to a higher standard than normal hardshell protective gear, so you get drastically less impact. On the back, you have Airbag CE level 1 protection, which is not as much as your chest, though Dainese state that it is worth about 7 normal Level 1 back protectors.

For the electronic side of things, this system is digital and as such, it needs to be charged. It should give you about 26 hours of battery life with a full charge, though it is probably better not to push that and make sure it is well charged before you take it out.

The system itself analyzes data 1,000 times a second and detects crashes. So, you need to have it turned on and it does this automatically when you connect 2 magnets by your neck. The system vibrates and the light on your chest will come on. It flashes to show charge and then it turns blue. Blue means the system is on but will not fire.

So, if you trip or something, you’re not going to need to get your system recharged.

To activate the system, you need to sit on your bike with the engine running. The jacket must detect vibrations from your engine to start or you need to be going about 10km/h. Then, the system vibrates, and your light goes green, meaning you’re good to go.

If you’re unlucky enough to have used the airbags, you will need to get the system recharged. What that means is you’ll have to take your jacket in to a Dainese dealership and the Recommended Retail Price of a recharge is about 250 Euros, or 300 USD. So, this is not the best news after you’ve crashed but systems need to be replaced, calibrations made and so on. This is a digital system, with lots of equipment to make sure it runs properly.


The Dainese Smart airbag vest is the next level of airbag protection and it brings us into the digital age. If you’d like to learn more about the jacket, make sure to check out our Dainese Smart Jacket Video Review.