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Dainese Tuono D-Air

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Tuono D-Air Jacket Black White
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Dainese Tuono D-Air

Dainese Tuono D-Air Jacket Product Description

The Dainese Tuono D-Air Jacket is one of the most advanced jackets on the market in terms of safety and race-readiness. With brand new D-Air air bag technology the airbag system is fully embedded in the garment, the jacket has improved comfort in addition to its great level of protection. The jacket uses a D-Skin 2.0 full grain cowhide leather outer shell with CE Level 2 protectors in the elbows and shoulders, in addition to external aluminum protectors in the elbow and shoulders.

The most advanced jacket available does come at a premium, but it will also compete with the Alpinestars GP Tech 2, Alpinestars GP Pro 2, and the Revit Hyperspeed Pro Jackets.


The Dainese Jacket is composed of D-skin 2.0 full grain cowhide leather with seamless aluminum plates on the elbows and shoulders. D-Skin 2.0 is among one of the most advanced leathers available. The leather is specially selected according to Dainese guidelines, which ensures the leather has incredible abrasion and tear resistance.


The Dainese Tuono DAir Jacket offers among the highest levels of safety currently available thanks to the durable protectors inside and out and the airbag vest directly integrated into the jacket.

On the outside, the jacket includes aluminum plates that sit seamlessly in the shoulder and elbow for a great level of abrasion resistance and comfort. The elbows also include slider pads for when you do decide to hit the track. Underneath, the Tuono jacket also includes CE Level 2 composite armor in the elbows and CE Level 2 soft protectors in the shoulders.

However, to take the jacket’s safety to the next level, it also includes the Dainese D-Air Airbag system. Specially designed for racing based on the MotoGP, the airbag represents a cutting-edge piece of technology designed to keep you safe. The system covers the back, chest, and neck and measures its surroundings 1000 times per second. The jacket also includes a LED display in the sleeve to check the system’s status.


Lastly, the jacket has an excellent level of comfort and features. For flexibility, the Tuono comes with microelastic 2.0 stitching in the back and arms, a additional tri-axial elasticated system in the back, and stretch fabric in the chest and sleeves. To adjust the jacket, it also comes with waist adjusters with zips in the sleeves.

The jacket comes with a jacket to pants fastening system for extra safety, and a medium aerodynamic spoiler for race days.

The jacket also comes with an inner pocket and two pockets in the front. Lastly, for temperature control, there are air inlets in the sides and a Nanofeel liner with 3D Bubble inserts. These inserts help ensure the jacket stays close to the rider’s temperature. For ventilation during warmer days, the jacket the jacket is also offered in a perforated version.


The Dainese Tuono D-Air Jacket is a durable jacket designed for high speed racers looking for extra protection. The Tuono D-Air integrates the ultimate D-Air airbag without sacrificing on the jacket's superior protection, optimal riding comfort, and performances on the road.

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