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Revit Target Air / H2O

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Type Bike
Target H2O Jacket Black
EUR 399,99
Target Air Jacket Black
EUR 359,99

Revit Target Air / H2O

Revit Target Air Jacket


With a name like Revit Target Air, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that this jacket is made for hot weather, summer rides. It also aims to offer protection inspired by Motot GP without affecting the overall look of the jacket. At a recommended retail price of 350 Euros, or around 370 USD, this jacket’s competitors are the the Dainese Racing 3, Dainese Assen, Dainese Avro 4, and the Alpinestars GP Plus jackets.


Starting with material, we should be unsurprised to see a lot of mesh on the Rev’It Target Air. Revit’s 3D air mesh goes up the front and back of the jacket as well as down the sides of the sleeves. This mesh is made to maximize airflow in and out of the jacket, bringing cool air in while pushing hot air out. Apart from a knitted collar and cuffs, and reflective inserts here and on the back of the Revit TargetAir, the rest of the jacket is made from Monaco performance cowhide, which is smooth and offers excellent abrasion resistance. There is also a waterproof version of this jacket, the Revit Target H20, which replaces the mesh with stretch fabric, and comes with an detachable waterproof lining. This version is a little more expensive, at a recommended retail price of 370 euros, or around 390 USD.


For protection, the Rev’It TargetAir does not disappoint. You will find CE Rated Seesmart protection in both the shoulders and the elbows. The shoulders also come equipped with external hard protectors. All this protection will provide impact resistance as well as increased abrasion resistance in high impact areas. If this isn’t enough there is also the option to insert a CE level 2 back protector, as well as Revit’s divided Seesoft chest protectors. Like a said, a lot of protection on offer should you take a spill.


Looking at the jacket’s features for comfort and adjustment, the jacket offers a comfortable fit and uses a quality zipper. There are no adjustments to made on the collar, but you will find zip ins on both cuffs which will make it easier to remove the jacket without removing your gloves. Adjustments can also be made on the waist, using the velcro straps found there, allowing you to tighten or loosen the fit around the waist. We also find three pockets on the outside of the jacket, all of which can be accessed via zippers, and the two pockets on the side have a nice leather cover over the zippers.

Inside the jacket, we have a detachable thermal liner for use on those cold mornings. This liner zips into the jacket and can be easily removed or attached. This liner also provides an internal pocket. If that lining is removed you will find the internal lining of the jacket is made of mesh to further facilitate ventilation, and we’ll also find a replacement pocket for the one we lose when removing the thermal liner, along with another internal pocket on the inside near the zipper. In the back of the jacket you will find a connection zip should you wan to connect the jacket to a pair of Revit riding pants.


The Revit Target Air is a good choice if you are looking for a hot weather riding jacket with good protection, this is certainly a jacket you should consider. It will keep you safe and cool and has the option to increase its protection should you decide to add it.