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Buy Arai RX-7V Racing FIM Diamond White Helmet? Free Additional Visor!

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Helmet + Cardo Scala Packtalk Slim ( - €100)

Arai Buy Arai RX-7V Racing FIM Diamond White Helmet? Free Additional Visor!
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Arai Helmet + Cardo Packtalk Slim / Bold JBL -10%

Arai Buy Arai RX-7V Racing FIM Diamond White Helmet? Free Additional Visor!
EUR 953,72
EUR 926,66
Buy Arai RX-7V Racing FIM Diamond White Helmet? Free Additional Visor!

Product description Arai RX 7V Racing FIM Diamond White

Years of knowledge and experience with Arai in the field of Race Helmets, have come together in this top helmet, the Arai RX 7V. Several aspects of the RX 7 GP, the predecessor of the RX 7V, have been improved upon with the RX 7V. The VAS-V visor is the most important point of improvement. The lining has also been renewed with characteristic features. The ventilation system has been improved and optimized. Furthermore, this full-face helmet has the stricter SNELL M2010 certification, in addition to the ECE 22-05 certification. Arai has also released this helmet in Carbon. The carbon version is also the lightest helmet in the world that ever received a SNELL M2010 certification. It is a very exclusive helmet, because only 300 Carbon versions are produced per year.

Competitors Arai RX 7V

A competitor of the RX-7V is the AGV Pista GP R. This is also a lightweight helmet from a quality brand, with a strong focus on racing. It has an integrated ventilation system and a double D closure. However, the recommended retail price of The Pista GP R helmet is a lot higher and begins at € 1200. Another competitor of the RX 7V is the Shoei X-Spirit 3. Also a top helmet from a quality brand with excellent ventilation. The AIM+ outer shell of this helmet is typical for Shoei. The recommended retail price of this helmet is from € 700. Slightly below the RX-7V you will find the competitors HJC RPHA 11 and the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon. These helmets are slightly cheaper but are excellent alternatives in the segment of high quality racing helmets. These helmets can be purchased at Champion Helmets for a lower price than the recommended retail price. For an extra discount you can subscribe to our newsletter or You tube channel and immediately receive a free 1000 points Champion Cash

Safety Arai RX 7V

The helmet shell of the new RX-7V is available in Carbon and PB-SNC2. PB-SNC2 is characteristic of Arai. It is a shell made of resin bonds and different fibre layers, reinforced with a kind of net that makes the helmet shell extra strong and flexible but at the same time maintains its lightweight. This net structure is incorporated in the top of the helmet, starting above the eyes. This reinforcement makes it possible to make the EPS shell thinner without sacrificing on safety. The EPS innershell consists of different densities for optimal shock absorption. Due to the thinning of the EPS shell, the upward field of view becomes considerably larger. This is fine in the bent-forward racing position on the bike. At Arai, safety is always at number 1. They have proved it again with this helmet. They are of the opinion that impact energy should be glanced off and that is what they have achieved with this helmet. The helmet is extremely strong, smooth and round which are important properties to be able to glance off impact energy instead of absorbing it. In doing so, they have minimised the cover of the visor mounting point and lowered it by 24mm to reach a larger smoother surface of the shell. They did this for a reason. According to the SNELL M2010 / 2015 certification, this is the minimum shell surface that must be smooth in order to meet that safety target. Furthermore, this helmet has a double D closure. The best you can get at this moment.

Ventilation Arai RX 7V

The cooperation between the different air intakes and outlets provides optimum ventilation. The renewed air intake on top of the helmet gives 11% more airflow. The control buttons are larger for more ease of use. Compared to the predecessor RX-7 GP, the air guides (diffusers) on top of the helmet are 20mm longer, which ensures better aerodynamics and together with the adjustable Air Wing® they give more stability. The air inlets of the diffusers type 12 are 19% larger and they also contribute to the stability. The air inlets are adjustable in 3 positions, closed, half open and open. There is a spoiler on the air outlet on both sides of the helmet. This reduces pressure, so that the ventilation functions optimally. The chin ventilation is adjustable, depending on the choice, the air can be directed to the visor or to the face. The chin curtain blocks airflow from the outside and extracts more air from the area around the mouth, so that the breathing is largely removed. A removable spoiler on the inside of the chin also ensures the effective guidance of the breath.

Visor Arai RX 7V

The visor has been completely renewed with the Variable Axis System (VAS). This means that the visor has a variable pivot point, because the pivot point also moves during the opening of the visor. This is necessary otherwise the visor could not open, because it would become stuck on the top of the helmet. The valve that covers the mounting point of the visor is easy to remove in order to easily replace the visor. It is also easier to change a visor if you can see the attachment point. The new VAS Max vision offers optimal visibility in all seasons and comes standard with Pinlock. The locking system of the VAS-V visor is also improved, once closed, you do not have to worry that the visor unintentionally opens. Operating the visor is very smooth and easy, with one finger, even with gloves on.

Lining Arai RX 7V

The Eco pure inner lining of the Arai RX-7V is an important innovation. The lining is washable, antibacterial, absorbing moisture and quick drying. The antibacterial effect ensures that the lining remains fresh and clean. The lining has cut-outs at the ears for the speakers of a communication system. What characterizes this lining is that you can adjust it by removing a layer of five millimetres at the temples or at the cheeks for the perfect fit. Furthermore, this liner is equipped with an Emergency Release System. You can remove the cheek pads while you are still wearing the helmet, and then remove the helmet without causing injury. This is important in case of an accident. The extremely comfortable lining, fit and weight of the helmet almost make you forget that you have a helmet on.

Features Arai RX 7V

Helmet type: Full-Face helmet
Shell material: PB-SNC² ( mostly Fiberglass)
Ventilation: Improved with multiple and larger air inlets and better airflow.
Lining: Removable, washable, antibacterial and extremely comfortable.
Closure: Double D
Certification: ECE 22-05 and SNELL M2010 / 2015

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