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Schuberth C4 Helmet Matt Black

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Schubert C4 + SC1 Standard

Schuberth Schuberth C4 Helmet Matt Black
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Schuberth C4 Helmet Matt Black

Schubert C4 Helmet Matt Black


Model description Schuberth C4 Modular Helmet Matt Black

The Schuberth C4 sets the benchmark for high-end modular helmets. It’s predecessor – the Schuberth C3 Pro – was  one the best sold Modular Helmet over the past few years. With its successor, Schuberth brings various improvements in protection, Airflow, isolation, the visor and comfort.

This complete new model was developed over the past few years by the German manufacturer to crush any competition. As usual, it was well engineered and full of high-end specs. The C4 has set the bar for all new high quality Flip-Up Helmets. Aside from the  competitors Shoei Neotec 2 and the AGV Sportmodular, the Schuberth C-4 doesn’t have any other real competition in the market. What makes this system helmet so special? At Champion Helmets we took a closer look at the helmet to give you a good idea of what you can expect. 

Protection Schuberth C4 Matt Black

Schuberth have always lead the market when it comes to protection. Like its predecessor, the outer shell of the Schuberth C4 is made of Schuberth’s Direct Fiber Processing (DFP). This is a unique technology used by Schuberth to blow glass yarn into the position mold. This fiberglass composite is used to produce the three different scale sizes. This avoids the use of unneeded materials in the small sizes to make the scale fit. The 3 different shells enable a superior helmet that is perfectly tailored to the different head sizes.

Also, the helmet has a shock absorption liner and a Micrometric closure. The inner shell of Double Density EPS is engineered to absorb different impact scenarios, making the Schuberth C4 offer unmatched protective specs. The C4 has a one-hand operated flip-up mechanism that allows you to one-handedly open and lock the chin guard in the flipped-up position.

Noise Isolation of the Schuberth C4 Matt Black

Touring riders know how noisy the average Flip-Up Helmet is. Unlike Full-Face helmets, Flip-Up helmets are often loud due to the various seams and openings in the Flip-Up mechanism. the Schuberth C3 Pro already scored great when it came to acoustics. The Schuberth C4 was tested in a wind-tunnel, which has led to an extremely quiet helmet. Another major improvement is the elimination of air flow through the sun- visor mechanism. All this results in a very quiet riding experience.

Ventilation Schuberth C4 Matt Black

The air intakes are a great difference compares to its predecessor. With the renewed air inlets on the chin, forehead and backside,  Schuberth did a great job improving the ventilation. The front ventilation on the C4 is operated by a glove-friendly panel on the outside. With a smart slider on the top, you operate the top ventilation. The air flows into the helmet through the chin and top vents and warm air is sucked out through the rear vent.

Visor Schuberth C4 Matt Black

Schuberth has always been a leader in highly sophisticated visor mechanisms. The C4 features an Integrated sun-visor that is easily operated with a slider on the left. The position of the sun-visor is beautifully designed into the helmet scale, offering a seamless design. The C4 comes with a UV-resistant anti-condense Pinlock lens. The visor is very easy to replace thanks to its clever visor mount.

Communication / Bluetooth Schuberth C4 Matt Black

Like with the previous C3 Pro, the dedicated Sena SC1 Standard and Advanced communication system has been developed specifically for the C4. One of the main differences is that the Advanced system offers these features which the standard doesn’t:

  • 14 hours of non-stop communication (instead of 9)
  • 4 km reach instead of 700m
  • Radio

Both offer:

  • Invisibly integrated into the helmet (SCHUBERTH C4 and R2)
  • Advanced Noise Control ™ from Sena
  • Controllable via the Sena Smartphone app (for Android or iPhone)
  • Can be coupled to the optional Bluetooth Handlebar remote control
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Voice announcements
  • 4-way intercom

Inner Lining Schuberth C4 Matt Black

The inner liner made of ShinyTex is removable and washable. The head liner is seamless and provides a great comfort for the rider. The entire inner liner is a part of the acoustics of the C4 making it the most quiet helmet on the market today, minimizing any unintentional inflow of air (and thus noise) into the helmet.

Features Schuberth C4 Matt Black

  • DFP (Direct Fibre Processing) fibreglass outer shell
  • Aerodynamic optimised outer shell
  • Super quiet and stabile
  • Multizone inner shell with different densities for optimal shock absorption
  • 3D shaped ShinyTex antib acterial, removable and washable inner lining
  • Seamless inner lining for minimal irritation
  • Super wide field of view thanks to newly designed visor and a wide anti-fog lens
  • Comprehensive Multichannel ventilation system for optimal cooling
  • Integrated 80% tinted sun visor
  • Integrated antenna
  • Optionally available Schuberth/Sena SC1 standard or advance communication system
  • Speakers & microphone pre-installed
  • AROS anti roll chin strap system
  • 5 year factory warranty
  • ECE approved


4.9 stars based on 16 reviews
Scott P 22-11-2018

Likes: build quality, field of vision, airflow

Dis-likes: excessive (huge!!) outer diameter shell ... forced to order a XL when I wear a large with everyone else

Stéphane Laurent 03-02-2018

C'est un excellent produit, nous en avons acheté deux et sommes complètement satisfait. C'est un casque qui maintient très bien et à une parfaite insonorisation. Les matériaux sont de qualités et le confort est optimal. Nous avons pris le système de communication et le fait de ne plus avoir de micro qui se balade devant la bouche est très appréciable.
Vous pouvez commander ce produit sur ce site sans aucune hésitation (attention ne pas oublier que Schuberth n'a pas la même correspondance de taille : si vous avez un casque taille S , il vous faudra commander une taille M)

kue 09-01-2018

Klasse Helm, passt angenehm. Mit dem Kommunikationssystem SC1-Advanced perfektes Reisegerät mit Navi, Musik, Telefon & Radio.

Melissa Reynolds 27-09-2017

I absolutely love this helmet compared to my old modular. It is much quieter, lighter weight, and the communication system works great with it. You can talk on the phone going at high speeds with no problems at all with wind noise. My shields were scratched from transport, but Schuberth was easy to work with and is supposed to be sending me replacements soon. The C4 was well worth the money.

Hans Palmbo 26-09-2017

Bra passform, ännu tystare än C3 Pro och bra funktion på SC1 Adv kommunikationssystemet

Geert 08-09-2017

Helm is ok (naar vewachting) maar was niet leverbaar op moment van bestelling, een extra 5% discount werd aangeboden indien ik wou wachten (duurde ongeveer 2 weken)

garry jean 25-08-2017

Je viens de recevoir le casque Shuberth C-4 ( taille S ) pour ma femme qui dit qu'elle souhaiterait la taille M ...
Finalement, je l'ai convaincue de le garder même si celui-ci lui comprime un peu la tête(ses mesures correspondent bien à la taille S). Elle a admis que ce casque était très confortable et esthétique et de fabrication sérieuse !
Reste maintenant à l'essayer sur la route pour s'assurer de son silence( celui du casque, pas de ma femme !

Thomas Hauff 14-08-2017

Excellent helmet! The internal sound system is great...no need to add anything. Just plug it in...
Great buy here in the states from Champion Helmets too. Much cheaper than buying it from an American firm.

Thomas R. Hauff 14-08-2017

I love this helmet! Especially the added sound system...plays great! Everything is built in... no having to add speakers and what not. It's good looking, fits well, and the opening front makes it easy to wear.

Laurence 11-08-2017

My previous two helmets were Schuberth chosen for their low noise reputation. The C4 is no different, very quite. Another big benefit is the pre-installed audio kit, also improved over the C3-pro is the ventilation. I have used the C4 for three weeks and I'm very pleased, the high level of quality of the earlier models is maintained.

Fernando 31-07-2017

If you need a High quality modular helmet than the C4 is an absolute champ. The flip-up mechanism on this helmet is remarable well engineered. The noise isolation is by far the best available in the market. Champion helmets came through with a nice discount code that made me order. A+++++ sellers, took a 1.5 week shipping to LA. Thanks guys!

Greg Pentecost 28-07-2017

Absolutely love this helmet! Quiet and super functional. I've ridden Shoei for years. My last helmet went missing and I wanted integrated speaker and comm system in my next helmet, (to be purchased before my next trip).
Since Shoei no longer allows the slight opening on their new windshields I (mandatory for city riding at night if you ask me) I am pleased the Schuberth has it. Everything is super easy to use and while I am usually not a fan of drop down shade visors, this one is very pleasant to use and super clear visibility (no distortions, etc.). I will probably be using that feature more than I ever planned.
All in all a big thumbs up!

Spencer Chapin 17-07-2017

Saturday my new Schuberth C4 arrived and the SC1 Advanced communications system was installed.
After the battery was charged I took it for a short ride.
What I first noticed was the good top vent and how quiet the helmet was.
I ride a BMW K1600 and was able to ride with the windshield completely down and the helmet was still very quiet. The communications system worked very well.

Joost van der Made 11-07-2017

Zeer comfortabele helm. Snelle levering !

Nicolas Mattio 01-05-2017

Great website, prices are on top, fast delivery, fast response
Regarding the Schuberth C4 helmet, it is just the top of the top, to buy the eyes closed

Nicolas Mattio 29-04-2017

Super site, Les meilleurs prix, livraison Rapide,
Concernant le casque C4, c'est juste le TOP au niveau confort, bruit
A achetez les yeux fermés

4.9 stars based on 16 reviews