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Sena 50R Communication System + 5% Champion Cash-Back

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Sena 50R Communication System + 5% Champion Cash-Back

Sena 50R Bluetooth Headset Product Description

The Sena 50R (and Sena 50S) is taking over as the new premium system from Sena with its improved software, hardware, and compatibility. The biggest changes with the system are the HD speakers and the introduction of the new Mesh 2.0 Intercom system that will offer users a much more stable platform for intercom conversations. Sena have also given you the option of different interaction methods with the Sena 50 S using a jog dial and the Sena 50 R using the classic 3-button setup.

And, as a welcome surprise, the new systems will come in just below the Sena 30K in their retail price since a single 50S or 50R will come at a recommended retail price of about 300 Euros or 330 US Dollars.

 So, they will be competing with the Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk Bold and the Cardo Packtalk Slim. And, like the Cardos and Sena 30 K, will also come in double versions at a price of about 524 Euros, or 575 USD.

System Specifications

One of the big changes for the 50 series is that they run on Bluetooth 5.0, which means the system will be twice as fast, uses less power, has a better range, and is 4 times as stable. This also means you have improved battery life with about 13 hours Bluetooth intercom talk time and 8 hours of mesh intercom talk time.

Another change to the Sena 50R Bluetooth Headset is the Mesh 2.0 that connects multiple riders together. This is basically an all new firmware meant for the 50 series and for the Sena 30K. Mesh 2.0 means that you now get a multi-channel capability as well as improved performance and stability.

So, you get three intercom modes with the 50R (or 50S). First, is the usual Bluetooth intercom for 2-4 people. Then, there’s the private group mesh intercom for 2-24 people. Third, which is a big development for Sena is the open mesh intercom that lets you talk to anyone in range who’s also on the same network.

When on the multi-channel open mesh intercom, you also get 9 frequencies so you can switch between different conversation groups while riding. The system also allows you to bridge up to 3 additional riders via Bluetooth into the Mesh conversation.

As you talk, you’ll also get the best audio quality back thanks to the new high-def speakers used in the system. The system even takes voice commands designed for your phone, all you have to do is say "hey Siri" or "hey Google".

For updating, Sena50R does away with the Sena Device Manager entirely with its Wi-Fi firmware update capability. So, whenever there’s an update all you need to do is connect it to the included power adapter with a working internet connection ad the WiFi adapter will do the rest.

The range for the Bluetooth intercom is 2 kilometers, or 1.2 miles, but the mesh range is much better at 8 kilometers, which is nearly 5 miles if you have at least 6 riders. Below 6 and you are at the 2 km range again. The system also takes voice commands as usual, and works with Siri and Google assistant for Apple and Android users.

System Installation

The Sena 50R Bluetooth Communication System is designed to fit in any helmet prepared for a comms. system. The system attaches with a clamp, adhesive, or adhesive velcro similar to most other non-specific Sena systems. Out of the box, you get the choice of a boom mic, if you have a modular or open face helmet, or a wired mic, which is better suited to full face helmets.

If you go for the clamp option of mounting the mic, you insert it, so it is between the EPS liner and the outer shell. But, Sena also give you the option of mounting the system with adhesive tape or velcro. To do this, you just peel off the paper, apply it, and leave it for 24 hours to set.

To put the high-def speakers in, it is just a matter of inserting the adhesive Velcro speaker pads in the area where you want the speakers. The speakers will stick with Velcro, but if you need the speakers pushed out, the system also comes with foam spacers to push the speakers out a bit more.

Overall, the system is light since it only adds about 130 grams to the helmet. It is also slim once you mount it and it will give you the same sleek profile as the Sena 30K

Basic Operations

Starting with the basics, to turn the 50R on or off, you just press and hold the plus and the center button. For volume, you just hit plus or minus, all straightforward. To turn the FM radio on, you press the minus button for about 1 second until the system says FM on. It’s straightforward to change stations on the 50R, you double tap the plus or minus buttons.

If you want to pair your phone, it is very straight forward. On the 50R, you would need to hold the center button for 10 seconds until you reach the configuration menu and then tap plus once. After you connect it to your phone, you can play music or even take and answer calls.

Lastly, to turn on your open mesh you just click the M button and open the mesh antennae by gently pushing the antennae in. This is the same for both the 50S and 50R, and if you want to change channels, you just click the M twice and cycle through.

To join into group mesh between two people, you just hold the M button for 5 seconds on both systems until the system gives you a prompt. This works the same with adding someone new to a mesh group. So, if you have 4 riders, only one person needs to use the same 5 second group mesh process and the 5th person will be added.

For the last few features, you can also control the system with the new Sena 50 Utility App available on the major app stores. However, if you have more questions, don’t forget to take a look through the instructions that come with the system. They’re also available on Sena’s website, and they’ve been redesigned to make them much easier to follow.


So, the new Sena 50R does bring a lot more to the table while still lowering the price from the 30K.

These are all welcome changes, especially since Sena give you the option between two button setups and simplified charging.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sena 50R, then don’t forget to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel with our Sena 50R Review and Installation Guide.

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