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Mag-1 White Black AIR boots

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Mag-1 White Black AIR boots

Sidi Mag-1 White Black Vented boots

Sidi Mag 1 - White / Black - Technical Specification;

  • Upper in Microbre Microtech
  • A-symmetric shaped heel; smooth against the inside
  • Replaceable heel cup
  • Micro-metric mechanism TECNO 3-MAG with magnetic retaining clips (replaceable)
  • Replaceable polyurethane shin plate
  • Toe slider with air ventilation system and alloy insert
  • Adjustable calf with TECNO 3-MAG closure system

The Sidi Mag 1 motorcycle boots are probably best thought of as the fraternal brother of the Sidi Vortice boots. The Sidi Mag 1 boots are of a similar genetic make-up to the the Sidi Vortice boots, yet they sport multiple differential features. The rider must decide which attributes, for them, best meet their requirements; the bombproof, robustness of the Sidi Vortice boots, or the lightweight, elite properties of the Sidi Mag 1 boots.

The Sidi Mag 1 boots have been brought to you through real Moto GP race feedback. Moto GP riders need the best protection, the best function and the best feedback from their boots – the result – technologically advanced, serious race spec motorcycle boots.

The Sidi Mag 1 boots are super flexible, lightweight and have been critically streamlined to reduce exterior, excess ‘bulk’. This ‘weight shaving’ exercise has resulted in a boot that weighs 7 ounces less than his brother, the Vortice. Where the Vortice takes advantage of an external, rigid, lower leg brace system, a significant and immediately noticeable visual change, is the internalisation of the leg brace system on the Sidi Mag 1 boots. This support structure is a) now constructed of super lightweight, super-strong carbon fibre and b) enables direct contact of the riders’ leg against the fairing or the side of the bike – maybe not a necessity for day to day street riding, but for more aggressive riding (remember, the roots of this boot are firmly in Moto GP) this is a big deal.

Keeping with the streamlining theme, we’ll turn our attention to the heel cup area. On the Sidi Mag 1 boots, you’ll notice that the heel cup tapers in as it reaches the inside of the boot. This allows uninterrupted contact with the bikes fairing/body in the same way as the internalised brace system previously discussed.

So, what else makes the Sidi Mag 1 boots so special? Other new features include the dual compound toe slider with replaceable aluminium insert. The toe slider also incorporates an open/close air intake for inner boot freshness. There is a refined gear lever panel, which is double stitched for performance and longevity. We see here (as with many other Sidi boots) an internal, removable arch support. A race style sole provides a very similar set-up to that of the Vortice, but the Mag 1 doesn't have the interchangeable piece of sole underneath the ball of the foot.

Let's turn our attention to the retention system on the Sidi Mag 1 boots. Sidi have stepped up the Tecno Tensioner system as found on the Vortice, and replaced this with a fresh, innovative Tecno 3 MAG closure. This new technology sees magnets locate the tensioner in place before they're tightened, making the boots far less 'fiddly' to put on. The little magnets simply assist in the location of the fastener and make the tightening of the boot much faster and more simple to do with one hand - the magnets are not part of the actual retention. Sidi have opted to use stainless steel for the Tecno 3-MAG tensioners, rather than nylon, as previously used.

The top of the Sidi Mag 1 boots benefit from a flatter, lower profile shin protector and the opening of the boot allows for 15 inches of adjustment, ensuring that a good, adjustable fit is achievable.

The front of the boot benefits from a breathable TPU section which allows great flexibility to accommodate gear changing and an aggressive riding position.

The lining of the boot is constructed from perforated nylon - which is extremely comfortable. This lining is three dimensional, and allows the air to circulate within the boot, helping keep your feet at an optimum temperature whilst providing highly effective moisture wicking properties.

Coming back to the Vortice/Mag 1 comparison, the Sidi Vortice maintain the rugged, bombproof edge over the Mag 1’s, but the Mag 1 boots bring something else – a more streamlined, raw race boot, with small changes that make big differences. Riders needing to save weight and improve performance, that are looking for a more tactile type of feedback from their motorcycle boots, will be inclined to make a move on the Sidi Mag 1 boots.

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Chris Mifsud 02-03-2016

Always been a big fan of Sidi boots and will love these air boots during summer in Australia.
Champion helmets have the best price and service second to none.
Thanks again.

Vladimir Ni 16-05-2015

Всем привет, мои оценки на эти мотоботы.
Удобство - 10 из 10, качество - 10 из 10, размер - 9 из 10 (нужно брать на размер больше)
В целом доволен!!!
Спасибо Champion Helmets!

5 stars based on 2 reviews