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What is the Live-Store?

When buying motorcycle gear you like to visit a physical shop and get advice from a knowledgeable person, right? But at the same time, you also like the benefits of shopping online and getting your gear cheap, easy and fast? Well, so do we. Champion Helmets proudly announces the world’s first livestream buying experience: the Live-Store. The Live-Store is the world’s first virtual store that combines the benefits of a physical store with the benefits of online shopping. No more chatbots, endless texts, poor product display, bad sales people etc. Instead of all that, the Live-Store is a real-time online store that offers you the possibility:

  • to step into our physical shop in the Netherlands during opening hours
  • watch a live demonstration of the products you like
  • watch the Store Manager tell everything there is to know about this product
  • speak to a knowledgeable person that has the product in stock
  • to get a personal answer to your personal questions
  • learn more from relevant questions other people around the world asked, who are considering the same product as you
  • buy the product for the lowest price you will find online (during the Live-Store there will be a great discount code active on the products that are covered during the Live-Store)
  • get free shipping
  • So basically: watch, learn, ask, reply and buy

All this at your fingertips! The Champion Helmets Live-Store offers you a new way of buying things online. Our Shop Manager Chris personally welcomes you in the Live-Store where he addresses your personal questions and shows you a certain product group like never seen before online… You can simply choose the Live-Store of your favorite products and step into our store - wherever you are in the world.

How to visit the Live-Store?

The Live-Store opens each Wednesday at 17.00h local time in Amsterdam (= GMT +1h) on our Facebook page. Simply like our Facebook Page and you will automatically get a notification when the Live-Store opens its door. On our Facebook page you will also find the schedule for the upcoming Live-Stores with the time and mention of the products that will be covered. Making it easier for you to attend only the Live-Stores of your personal interest.

What is being covered in the Live-Store?

Each Live-Store consists of the following building blocks:

  • Introduction: during the Live-Store (and 24 hours after) there will be a special discount code valid for the products covered in the Live-Store. This code will guarantee you the lowest price you can find online. So besides a good demonstration you also get the best price.
  • Review / demonstration: the Store Manager will focus on a specific product group. For example: the top 5 high-end modular helmets, or the top 3 Off-Road boots etc. During the Live-Store he will bring you the full story.
  • Questions & Answers: there will be time to take your personal questions
  • Wrap-up: a mention where you can watch it back and view additional information. Also an announcement of what you can expect of the next Live-Store.

What are the differences between the Live-Store and Live Chat?

To make sure that a Live-Store stays relevant for everyone watching, we focus on a specific product or category. This way we can take the time to bring you the full story and answer all of your questions regarding this specific product/category. Of course you can ask us any question about your order or something else, but the Live-Store is not the right platform for this. For these questions, we have made it even easier for you. We have the Live Chat on our website that is being manned by our professional Customer Service Team the whole workweek during office hours 09.00 - 17.00h local time in Amsterdam (= GMT +1h). In the Live Chat you can speak your own language, and ask us any questions you have. This is just one example of offering you a nice and easy shopping experience!

When is the next Live-Store?

The Live-Store goes live every Wednesday at 17.00h local time in Amsterdam (= GMT +1h) on our Facebook page. Simply like our Facebook Page and you will automatically get a notification when the Live-Store opens its doors. On the Live-Store Schedule page you will also find the schedule for the upcoming Live-Stores with the time and the products that will be covered. That way, you can attend only the Live-Stores you are particularly interested in. Just pick your favorite subject and tune in!

Can I become a guest vlogger?

We have a special Customer Panel being manned by bikers around the globe. So the answer is yes, you can. In fact, you can earn $50 for each video review of any product. Just by making an honest, personal and independent review of a product that is being sold by Champion Helmets. Simply share your experience and get a reward. Besides the $50 you can also promote your own social media account and reach a huge audience of riders worldwide. Read more about the Customer Panel.